Contradictions are Complementary! Varghese-james

Angel with a gun

 Locked in bitter-sweet battle,  2 friends: 

Letter to the Editor:  Varghese Pamplanil

Why flog  a dead horse? If vivisected, still breating & not dead yet, the need is to rejoin! You and I are half truths only, disfigured! To become the whole truth we need  to stick together, become ONE: Ekam sat behuda vadanti! There is but ONE BEING only, TRUTH is one! Each soul is that being FULLY, not part of it!

It is MAYA that makes us see as two; when maya disappears conflict goes, we become one and see eye to eye! Hard to grasp? For me too! Don’t ignore it, just because it is an Indian insight!

Half Truths!

So is, the eternal conflict between man and woman – vivisected half truths, shapeless and meaningless. But man without the other is incomplete, just a PIECE of shapeless humanity only, revoltingly disfigured! United, they become sweet beauty parexcellece, productive, fruit bearing!

So caste out male domination and feminism; usher in Humane humanity of Jesus, Vivekananda, Narayana Guru!

Forget Churchianities!

Just forget about Churchianies, Christianity and Catholicism (oxymoron), all man-made, deadly poison, agreed! You are saying just the same, church today is of Constantin & beyond reform. I said it one year ago in Chicago speech and still fighting.

Yes Pope Francis is in catch 22, but for a different purpose,  to prevent the church from going to pieces, to prevent multiple schisms. History of humanity from Africa or anywhere else could be 70,000 years or more! All conjectured; neither you are I are sure of.

Keral’s Zero Church!

All know too well that ‘Paraduse Lost’ is world’s unparalled human fiction. As for Kerala’s Zero Church: There are only two ways to get world attention: ‘Become notorious or famous’. Kerala has chosen the easy and speedy high way! Jesus the Jew happens to be the sky high towering personality. So every one who wants to get noticed want to hang on to his apron strings.

You are most welcome to raise more sharper questions  —  and I am most indebted to you for that – because you make me think out of box and learn a lot to become less of a “know-nothing”. Please keep up the barrage. james kottoor, editor ccv.

Please read below Pamplanil’s letter to editor, 

Why flog  a dead horse, at least a horse gasping for its  last breath? Our dear friend Dr. James Kottoor cannot either spit out or swallow the “kalagoodam” called the Christianity, especially its distorted vesioncalled Catholisam. 

Dear friend you are no Siva, sorry to say, to drink the deadly poison called Catholism. There is no way out of the cul-de-sac of this religion. It will end ignominiously in course of time as redundant. Pope Francis seemed be in a Catch 22 predicament. As the guardian of the Catholic Church he has to defend the inherited dogmas of the Church. No other go. The pope makes some noises which enter one ear and exist through  the other one pronto. He has only curiosity value and notional importance . 

This abomination, the distorted version of Paulinity that is Constantinity,  had a relatively long run piggy riding the Roman Empire mode organisation. The Church boasts of 2000 year legacy, but wait a moment. Constantinity became state religion of the Roman Empire only in  390 C. E. Please be aware that religious mode institutions emerged about 12,000 years ago. We have no visible  trace of them now. 

Modern humans came out of Africa some 70,000 years ago according to the people in the know of things. But accordingto the Christian myth, creation began on October 23, 4004 BCE, humans created on October 28, Adam and Eve expelled from the Garden of Eden on November 10. But they could taste the Forbidden Fruit in all their nakedness during the few days they were allowed to remain there. We should either thank them or curse them for giving birth to our ancestors for good or bad. Hallelujah? 

The accumulated frothing filth in the innards of the Church: sexual aberrations by the clergy, all pervading financial corruption and all other dastardly deeds under the sun, will explode one day with a bang  that will reverberate all over the world. 

Pity the Syro-Malabar Church who carry the white man’s shit with obvious glee. We are Nazarenees, the original followers Jesus of Nazareth and not lackeys  of the erstwhile Portuguese rulers. Just remember that. The taste of the chocolate given by the then queen of Portugal seems to linger on the tongues the puffed up clerics of the Zero Church.  (Varghese Pamplanil)

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