Congrats to John Dayal’s Article!

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My heartfelt Congrats to John Deyal’s: “Internally bleeding Indian church” WCV , sept, 18/21, a close collegue in Journalism for long! What sums up the central point of his article to me, a ‘know-nothing’ is summed up in the para:

Central point!

“Relations between three Rites of the Catholic Church – Latin, Syro-Malankara and Syro-Malabar – have also never really been the warmest. They had sunk rock bottom before the Pope gave the two Oriental groups independent status and a pan-Indian jurisdiction, overlapping that of the Latin Dioceses.  They are still not fully in a state of equilibrium as several unresolved issues remain.”

I am not here to make a critique of those who know far better than me on Church matters and politics — Churhianiies — so interlinked and complicated. If a Pope gave pan-Indian jurisdiction to all three Rites and they act like vote-bank politicians trying to excell or beat one another, the present Pope has come up with the remedy, not only for divided chuches, but a divided humanity with his “Fratelli tutti”, which alone creates a humamane catholicity for the whole of humanity, the end-goal! See our recent comments in CCV.
There we proposed the 3-fold remedies of Francis: 1.Prosalatyzation is a solemn nonsense, 2. Our God is not Catholic but belonging to all humanity, 3. All religions are willed by God!

In vote-bank politics what counts is numbers, in religion of the Son of Man, it is selflessness, foot-washing to become last, least & lost, acceting the opposite not just preferring or tolerating it, in the style of Vivekananda in the Chicago address: ‘My dear Sisters and brothers’ – genderless, nationality less, raceless, classless, casteless and so clashless!

Is it possible in the vision of a Pala bishop or Ernakulm cardinal – Never, never! Then we are back to the ‘Clash of civilizations’—of religions, Catholis & Muslims, barbaric crusades to exterminate of Huntington! My friend Dayal, may prefer to stay ‘Catholic’ not me! I stay religiononless as agnostic, atheist or divisonless as elder or younger brother of ‘Fratelli Tutti’.

John Dayal’s Points!

Other paras of Dayal I thought worth pondering are: Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s condemning the bishop’s statement was on expected lines. His Marxist party has a grouse with the church going back almost seven decades. Kerala Catholics’ landmark ‘liberation struggle’ brought down the elected communist government in 1959. The bishop’s statement also had political overtones.(John Deyal, WCV,Sept.17/21)
He continues: “And even if the so-called mainline churches including the Catholics do come across news of religiously targeted violence against Christians in these areas deep in the forests, they would be quick to blame it on their brothers in Christ, holding their evangelization to be too provocative or their theological knowledge too shallow. They have repeatedly done so in the past. "Love they brother' is often not even a metaphor.”
“The presiding Cardinal faces court on allegations of alienating Church land. At one time, Rome appointed a  senior Bishop to look after his diocese, which comes about as close it ever can to an
informal forced vacation. A large section of the clergy had rebelled, many marching on the streets in front of the cardinal’s house.”

Mar Thoma-Orthodox view

“There was no more than a gentle response from the other two Catholic groups to the pastoral address by the bishop. Other denominations within Kerala have been more vocal. The Metropolitan
of the Mar Thoma Church has expressed his disapproval of the  Palai Bishop’s statement, deriding attempts to aggravate communal divides in Kerala. Metropolitan Yulios Geevarghese of the Malankara Orthodox Church has demanded a public apology from Bishop Kallarangatt.
To Sign in to your accountActivate volume editions of Office’” The Metropolitan of the Mar Thoma Church has expressed his disapproval of the  Pala i Bishop’s statement, deriding attempts to aggravate communal divides in Kerala. Metropolitan Yulios Geevarghese of the Malankara Orthodox Church has demanded a public apology from Bishop Kallarangatt.

Please read and react without fear or favor, not to judge who is wrong, but to find what is the truth! jsmeskottoor, editor WCV.

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