Churches led by Indian Americans increasingly acquiring Churches in the West

September 21, 2016 Ajay Ghosh in the Universal News Network

Note: Once upon a time western nations colonized India. Now Indians colonize them. It is not political or geographical colonization we are talking about here but religious colonization, indoctrinating western minds with our Indian version of Churchianity which has become a very profitable marketable commodity in the west, especially for the Syromalabar and Malankara churches in Kerala which produce more priests and religious than they need and so have to find green pastors for them to occupy themselves productively. We have already written too many articles on the religious colonization championed by the Syromalabar Church in Kerala from 2011 onwards. Please visit: to read: Syro-Malabar Church in USA,  Feb.14-/11,  “Faith Crowds & Church Colonies?  Church is James Kottorfellowship not groupism, to rule is to serve, not lording it over, evangelisation is not colonisation, harvesting of souls isn't cultivating churches  (Pallikrishi) for reaping dollars ($ Koithu),  cross is for crucifying self not others, any Rite  is all right to pray,” and other articles in the websiste. james kottoor, editor)

In the past, Western missioners came to India to preach the Gospel, now Indian Christians are going to the West, taking over churches and preaching to the Westerners in their own language. The Indian Christians are not stopping at just a few churches. They are opening new dioceses with several churches under them, and, interestingly, all follow prayers of the Eastern traditions.

“We have got a great opportunity to open churches in the US, the UK, Europe and Australia. It is a welcome phenomenon,” said Father Paul Thelekkat, a prominent voice among the Catholic community in the country. The Indian fraternity is also acquiring old churches that were lying closed for ages in the Western countries.

In the acquisition process of the churches in the West, the earlier Anglican churches are now being affiliated to Indian Catholic church. Once acquired, these Western churches become Indian.

A recent example is that of Most Holy Trinity Church in Yonkers, US. Built by Slovak-immigrant congregation in 1909, it was affiliated to New York Archdiocese. But now it has become St. Mary’s Malankara Catholic Church and belongs to the Kerala-based Malankara Catholic church.

“With natives losing faith in religion and the Western churches getting closed, it is the migrant Indian community that is giving a new lease of life to churches there,” said Father Joas Kuryanikkal who has served as parish priest in two churches in the US. Western Catholics also attend masses in churches affiliated to Indian dioceses, he said.

Similarly, St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church on Chestnut Street and a former Methodist church on Park Hill Avenue have been acquired by the Indian Orthodox congregations. Indian churches have been opened in the UK too. The most recent was the opening of a church belonging to the Syro Malabar church in Presten, Lancashire, UK. The Syro Malabar fraternity at present has three dioceses in Melbourne and Chicago with many churches under it.

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