Celebrate horizontal dialogue graciously! Cedric  Praksh Responds to George Nedemparampil

Cedric and George (in the pic)


Note: Greetings and thanks to Cedric for responding instantly and setting a good example of dialogue in the church, which is usually a one-way traffic horizontally, but improving vertically.

For the kind information of Cedric, George is a regular columnist of CCV, writing more often than Cedric. It is a wonder how he could have missed him, unless he reads only his own column in CCV. He is living right here in India, Cohin and his articles, photos, life history are allavailble in CCV and in my Facebook!

For the rest please read Cedroc’s letter carefully and agree or disagree with him as reason and logic demands, nothing more, nothing less. You know I always request “devil’s advocate critiques” from  you readers, so that I can learn and correct myself. So let us celebrate dialogue and free speech, Cedric has initiated. james kottoor, editor CCV

Fr. Cedric Prakash sj 

Dear James, Jose and Isaac,

Greetings ! 

At the outset I want to clearly state  that I am a firm believer and advocate of Freedom of speech and expression . Everyone has a right to his or her opinion and even if I don't agree with the person's opinion I sincerely RESPECT his right to do so. 

Having said this – I don't normally respond to certain criticisms which are blinded/prejudiced and without substance; particularly, from those with whom there is no possibility of dialogue or  with those whom I know whose criticisms are normally  very self-centred without the courage to stick their necks out! 

I do not know WHO this  GN is – but I don't think he is living in India (correct me if I am wrong).It is another issue for  me – when people have run away from their responsibilities in India(whatever the reason) and speak or criticise from safe comfort zones abroad! 

But I am certainly amused at the reaction that has come in to my article, to say the least.For one, the person REALLY DOES NOT KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING IN INDIA TODAY. My article is NOT about Christians but about Human rights and the Democratic and Constitutional framework of our country. Today there are waves of protests all over the country regarding the Citizenship Amendment Bill. 

Secondly he really does not know anything about me – about my consistent and unequivocal stand against the wrongs in the Church. I have written plenty on this and also spoken in several public fora on these issues! 

No Sir – I am NOT AFRAID of ANY HUMAN BEING ! or of being shown any door by anyone !!! If  the person is abroad come BACK TO INDIA NOW and I will  show you the reality  in Gujarat and elsewhere. 

Incidentally , I always give people the choice of what to call me. Most who know me  address me on  FIRST NAME BASIS.

God bless you all!

C P (Fr. Cedric Prakash S J, Mobile: +91 9824034536, Skype:cprakashsj  Twitter:@CedricPrakash) 


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  1. Vincent says:

    Rev Fr Cedric Prakash has not answered the issues raised by Mr George, but has responded only on the presumption that Mr George must be staying abroad. Actually, in India, we do not see any persecution of Christians. But some vested interest exaggerate a few minor incidents. This should stop. 

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