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Congrats to John Dayal’s Article!

james kottoor My heartfelt Congrats to John Deyal’s: “Internally bleeding Indian church” WCV , sept, 18/21, a close collegue in Journalism for long! What sums up the central point of his article to me, a ‘know-nothing’ is summed up in the para: Central...


Imitate Jesus sleeping on the DECK!

Pope  says he never denied Communion,  warns against politicizing Eucharist! Christopher White is the Vatican correspondent for NCR. His email address is His article in NCR (National Catholic Reporter, USA) is very timely & relevant to the raging/fierce /prolonged  controversy surrounding...


Back in Kochi from Chicago!

      Congrats, congrats, a three times congrats to our erudite, perceptive friend Pamplanil, equally to our versatile Asso. Editor Isaac, for starting a new BIGINNING of CCV with “Christian Concept of Human Sexuality as Sin.”   Sin? SIN...