A breve message to our worldwide Church – Karl

Message to our worldwide Church and you all!, ECCC 
Peace and Joy to you beloved brothers and sisters or of our Worldwide ECCC (Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ), and all people of Good Will!
Wishing you all from my heart a blessed and joyous Christmas with your loved ones, and your parish families! 
In the Advent Season, we all tried to reflect and live closer toward welcoming Jesus into our hearts. We realize much more has to be done to get closer to the heart of Jesus. Our prayers, our charitable deeds, and our longing to see more and more Christ in people who come along our way, are spiritual milestones towards reaching the Kingdom.

We might have also listened close to the new actions that Pope Francis took toward Reforms within the Catholic Church Family, and the Catholic Reform Groups involved.He has also started the cleanup within the Vatican Curia, and his sharp tone toward the ailments that have intruded its bureaucracy, and behavior among its members.
As we are an Ecumenical Catholic Church, we too long for reforms as we seek Unity among the Christian Churches.

Reform and Change starts within ourselves, how we perceive God, how we really listen to HIS Word, how we are willing to follow Christ first before seeking our own ways of life, how we treat each other, how we support our Church families in their struggles, how we always help the least in our society, the poor, the afflicted, the marginalized, the outcasts…

Isn't it ironic that King David was expecting the Messiah to come in the Glory of a royal Palace, and yet God saw it fit to choose a young humble and faithful maiden in Mary to give birth to the King of our Lives, and low and behold he was not born in a Palace, but in a Manger, because people did not wanted to welcome him. This is what God shows us on Christmas: we think like King David, and yet we find ourselves full of the wondrous deeds that God is revealing to us.

We forget to welcome HIM, and as a human race think that we know it all, and we have the wisdom how to accomplish everything, and in our pride we seek a self-fulfilling prophecy…And then we are more shocked when God intervenes in a humble and loving way that turns everything upside down. Our expectations are driven by our Ego, and it blinds us to see with the eyes of faith, to be humble, kind, merciful, and loving as HE is to us.
Let us learn from Jesus life, words and deeds, let us see in Mary a model of life that reminds us always, I am the servant of the Lord…

My heart is filled in this season with Joy and Peace as I see among you all God's wondrous Love present!
Let us pray for the protection of Pope Francis, let us pray for a world so much in need for Peace, let us pray for each others journey toward HIS Coming again in Glory in which we all shall partake.

With my prayers and benedictions to you all, wishing you a year 2015 that will be filled with health, and always Love for you all!

Yours in the Newborn King, Jesus, The Christ.

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