What is it all a bout? MediCar Sersvice in Kochi

Published in New Indian Express, City, March 8/16

                         (Note: This is a  recent development in  Health care service located in Tripunithura, Ernakulam, Kochi. What is it all about? When you need a medical service you  go either  to  a doctor or to a hospital. Here the doctor and the Hospital make themselves available at a phone call (Mob:7356326275) distance. Just dial this number and give your address and a  doctor with an assistant and basic hospital equipments in a car will rush to your residence. In short  it makes the hospital come to your door step instead of you going to the  hospital.

The report below gives details and a visual of  the car with hospital equipments, a doctor on the left and an assistant at the right. The doctor  (Santhosh J.Kottoor) happens to be the son James Kottorof this scribe. Started in  November 2015 MediCar seems  to be growing fast. According to sources, a moderate fee of Rs.1000/-  only is charged per visit. The name of the company operating it is: “Touch MediCar Services Pvt.Ltd.” as it is at a touching distance of a phone at one’s   home. james kottoor, editor)

New Indian Express, City, March 8/16

Here is a car service to take patients safely to hospital. MediCar will provide a qualified physician alongwith a paramedic in an equipped car within a short time in response to a Medical emergency. It is based in Thrippoonithura, and can be contacted at 7356326275.


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