Blind Faith –The Curse (Poem)

Vargese Pamplanil

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What a sordid life you lead oh! blind believer?

With superstitions befuddling your mind.
In stupor brain dead,rationality abandoned .

Existence of aimless flotsam and jetsam adrift.


Your cranium is chocked with inanities rammed,

By nefarious,cheating ,cunning devious priests.

Why a broker is required between you and god?

What god is your god who dances to tune of men?


Imbecile “revelation” hood‐ wink the credulous.

Don't swallow this stupidity hook,line and sinker.

Expose this diabolical game by all the means,quick.

They sell their bogus gods to earn sacks full of money.


To indulge in luxury which they don’t earn or deserve

They know their god and his minions are impotent,

And their heaven is a never never land of mirage.

This con game the believer’ blind eyes fail to see.


You cower in dark corner in terror of the un‐known.

Utter superstitions benumbing your psyche inert.

You fear deity will punish you for mundane deeds,

Such as eating meat on Fridays or during the lent.


It defy logic that a guy in sky keeps constant watch;
Of billions humans’ proclivities here on the earth;
Keep detailed accounts for punishing after life.
It is no sin to enjoy life in full and the beauty around.


It is no crime to whistle at the wind and sing with birds,

With the breeze tussling the hair and joy in the vein.

Lying prone on velvet grass just gazing at the cloud,

May give the peace and quiet you always cherished.


Unbound happiness with shackles thrown over‐board,

Why feel guilty being entrapped by bewitching hues.

Chasing rainbows to lands’ end with shouts of joy.

Don’t be a moron, morose and brooding type.


You won’t be punished for living with verve and joy.

You won’t go to hell for embracing your love.
Don’t forsake joys of life for the pie in the sky.

Shouldn’t be a church‐bound moron type.


Don’t dance to tunes of some pied‐piper priests.

Never,never put your children to the clergy care,

To be twisted and moulded to serve their ends,

Molested,demeaned and savaged beyond repair. 


The dread of unknown diktats of an unknown god,

Foisted on by unscrupulous conniving shamans,
For stealing your purse to live in idle and ease.
They brand, treat you as a brainless goat or cow,
That follows the herd by habits blind and chew the cud,

To be driven hither and thither as they fancy.


You are drained dry with tithes and levies galore.

See through dichotomy between words and deeds.

Throw the crap to dust‐bin with contempt deserved.


The hurt inflicted to any neighbour not atoned,
By auricular confessions to Catholic priests.
Do repair the harm by worthwhile remedies done.

Don’t dump misdeeds in the lap of amorphous god.


We are masters of our own life and destiny.

Our values are measured in the human scale.

We are accountable to the humans most.
If prayers achieve everything,why efforts at all.


All the gains are made by human endeavour.

Brain and brawn did make progress happen.

Chanting and telling beads,a sheer waste.

Why not try doing useful deeds in one’s life.


Rituals make the priests wealthy,that’s all.

Why money is placed in collection boxes.

Beside phantom saints of dubious repute.
Do saints spent the dough at the corner bar ?


Will man ever be free of superstitious dread,

And open his eyes to see shadows receding.

Behold a world of sun‐shine ,laughter and joy.

Will the CURSE of BLIND FAITH ever end?

And make humans really FREEE at la


(By Vargese Pamplanil) Mob. 9447152533. 

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