Bishops launch Bible cartoons in Hindi

The series consists of 13 videos covering 47 parables and stories of Jesus.

New Delhi UCAN: 

Bishops in northern India have launched a popular Bible cartoon animation in Hindi in their attempt to make region's young people familiarize with Jesus and grow rooted in faith.

“Presenting the stories of Jesus in an attractive way, by cartoon animation, will go a long way in deepening the faith of the modern generation," said Bishop Devprasad Ganawa while opening a one day seminar last week in Delhi.

Agra Regional Commission for Catechetics organized the program for diocesan directors from the states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Bishop Ganawa is the chairman of the regional commission. Fr. Lawrence Culas, the CCBI commission for Catechetics was also present on the occasion.

The first Hindi episode of the famous “Story Keepers” prepared by Shepherd Films, Dublin was screened at seminar.

The regional commission plans to make available the entire 13 series of animation cartoons in Hindi in 3 DVDs.

The series created for children tells the story of Ben the baker, and his wife Helena, who are Christians in Rome at the time of the persecution of Nero (64 A.D.).

Ben and Helena have adopted four children whose parents were lost during the fires set by Emperor Nero. The hope-giving miracles and parables of Jesus are told in the course of their exciting adventures, including the passion narrative from the Gospel of Mark.

The series consists of 13 videos of half hour each covering 47 parables and stories of Jesus.

The series, lauded as outstanding and modern by critic,s is drawn primarily from Mark and Luke. The series is now available in teaching resource format.

Father Babu Chirayath, secretary of the Agra Regional Commission for Catechetics, said the series has special relevance in context of India's current socio-political situation.

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