Away from the Church?

Recently, we received a forwarding from Shri James Kurian. It is not clear, who originally wrote it. Since the questions raised in the mail continue to be unanswered, I thought that it would be appropriate to share them with our readers across the globe. We give the text exactly as we got it – Joseph Mattappally (Associate Editor CCV).

"The real issue is whether our church UNIVERSAL, HOLY  AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH OR NOT? If  so there won't be any problem with the different rites of churches established based on region or language to integrate well and work together.

Therefore invite Arch Bishop of Delhi and Faidadabad for a debate on the issue. Let the VATICAN representative be the MODERATOR. Let them answer all our questions,
1. How one church is not accepting a certificate issued by one rite not honoured by the other. (S.M.C. nsists their own counterpart's certificate in the case of Baptism,Confirmation,Mtrmony or even Burial)
2. How one set of church practice ex-communication when someone marries from the other rite in the Caholic Church.(the practice of Apartheid by the Cananaya Rite,even though  our Pope has openly denounced the same)
3. When the issue of choice was raised by the Caholics of Mumbai, Pune and Nasik  they got an INDULT  from the HOLY SEE granting full freedom to go and receive the sacrements from the church of choice. (But both the above are violating the this fundamental right of every Catholic).
The issue of same sex marriage or LGBT rights, abortion rights or even married priestsor nuns are the issues of tomorrow.
Hope my proposal will be considered favourably.                    

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