Award to Moolechalil, editor ‘Sathyajwala’

Awardees at Chicago meet on Aug.10 th

james kottoor

Dear Friends,
This is a response or reaction from james kottoor about the award to Sri. Moolechalil, and  three others Annie Jacob, AC George and myself. First of all let me say that Moolechalil richly deserves it and I join all in congratulating him for the enormous herculean, selfless work he puts in through Sathyajwala to achieve the goal of Church reform.
As for Annie George, the exemplary lady Annie in Florida, I confess I knew practically nothing about her in spite of my over ten visits to US, for study in the 1950s and visits due to invitation from my two daughters in US. I for one never dreamt of returning to US after my studies, still I don't. That I didn't know of this distinguished Lady confirms my claim that I am a 'Kow-nothing';.
My profound apologies.

Two persons I came to know providentially in US are Sri Jose Padanamakal, and Sri. Chacochan Kalarical, since they happened to be in the writing field, and lately AC George since he happen to be the Moderator for international Teleconferences of KCRMA. As for the awards given out on Aug.10th meet, I had absolutely no previous innformation about it as I had asked my daughter Santhi, to cancel my green card, as I didn't want to return to US again. 
Commenting on it, my son Dr. Santhosh, wrote to me: You criticised Santhichechi, and went to Chicago due to her pressure again and won a 'Lotary' not knowing or doing anything for it” – the award on Aug.10th.

Financial gains Awards

Financial sums much discussed and connected with the award is one thing that comes up prominently in the whole discussion. In all my life I never dreamt of any financial reward or honor, since the truth is I never took any salary, even the honorarum to this day, ever since I started working as editor and publisher of NL in Madras. "Then how did you do all these world tours? you may ask. All due to providential happenings, beyond which I know nothing is my honest answer. Even for the Dublin meet, I had first refused to go, but agreed after peruation from Dr.Wijingaards. Who was responsible for the idea of giving awards to distinguished persons on Aug.10th? My honest Guess, guess only, are Chackochan Kalarikal and Jose Kallidukil. One solely responsible for my Keynote address was Kallidukil, who imposed it on me, in spite of my refusal and for the article in the Souvenir, Sri Chackochan who pleaded to write a few lines for the Souvenir.

Denis 9f NL Times!

Another howling example is "Denis Daniel", a great man from MP, who has been supporting me, following me and corresponding with me from NL times, still I failed to recognize him. What a fool or idiot I was" I ask myself.  Please read his assesment of Chicago speech and his biodata (he was working even for Vatican radio, still I didn't know him). His article is in the latest CCV and in my Facebook. It only proves that we are all, especially myself, ignorant of many  things, we ought to have known.
Who deserves most for  award for distinguished service? In my humble opinion it is Sri. Chakochan who has been doing anonymous herculean, yeoman service for Church reform all through his life, with ever so many inspiring and thought provoking books.
By sending this reaction I am trying to imitatate my only model in Life, THE MAN FROM NAZARETH JESUS, who discbes himself as the SON OF MAN therefore ideal for all humans, whom Vivekananda described as the visisble image of the invisible God. I am imitating his “Palam Locutus sum” – speaking form house tops for all to hear and judge for themselves.
Publicity Advertising

Finally I request humbly to give widest publicity to this piece  publicity is not advertising, it is giving visibility: lighting a candle and putting it on a stand, not under a bushel, so that all may see and glorify the Father in Heaven. Advertising is making odious comparison – saying or implying my product is the best in world, my child, my sari, my tooth paste is the best in the world. 

Publicity is a duty – preaching the good news, comparing it with other news or religions to one’s own advantage is not, it is odious comparison, Advertising, forbidden by the Lord. Hence St.Francis said: “Go round the whole world and preach the good news, but not to open your mouth” meaning that all may see your good works seated on a mountain top and imitate you. 
Give utmost publicity to TRUTH ETERNAL, that all may see and glorify God. Advertising is prozelitizing(a solemn nonsense), in Pope’s words. Publicity is promoting the Product – giving visibility to a fact like putting the candle on a stand, not under a bushel — to glorify God, Advertising is Self promotion for selfish gain.
Please do not hesitate to tear to pieces, what I wrote above, so that I may become LESS of a know nothing. My profound THANKS once again to every one of the readers. james Letter from Almayasabdam follows. jk!


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