An overview of reported facts! Mysore Bishop: Comedy or tragedy? Shouldn’t fact above faith guide rationales here below?




Unbelievable and unheard of!  Here I am referring to criminal charges brought against a Catholic Bishop in India! At the focal point is Mysore bishop K.A. William, 7th bidhop in the diocese, letting loose a virtual reign of terror in the Diocese for last two and a half years! 



The allegations are:

  • Sexual misconduct with women
  • Fathering two children
  • Kidnap
  • Murder allegedly of priests
  • Revenge transfer of honest priests, according to eminent scholars who complained, to jungle parishes where there is not even drinking water,
  • Loot of church money, colluding with underworld mafia and  police with bribes for cover-up and protection!


Shining Star!

On the very bright side of this sordid story is: Justice Micheal Saldana, former Bombay High Court Judge who finally has shown the courage and goodwill to take up the case to clean up the augian stables. He alone to me is the silver lining, the shining star in the dark horizon!


God provides on the mountain top, as the saying goes. In the dialectics of life, reason demands, the final victory has to be that of truth, honesty, justice and peace. Now all look with hope to Justice Saldana to see a new day to dawn.


Criminal Gang?

Closely connected to the kingpin of crime allegedly are: the Archbishop Peter Machado of Bangalore with his prolonged criminal silence; along with Father Leslie Moras, involved in the 2019 Mysore Church sex scandal, the underground mafia  and the corrupt section of the police cultivated by Bp. K.A. William for cover up and protection; the silent hierarchy of Indian bishops and Nuncio whom Justice Saldana had informed through personal letters and  many others, while the black sheep stand with the  accused bishop KA for personal gain.


Bp. K.A. William of Mysore

According to Justice Saldanha,  Bangalore Archbishop Machado  ignored 17 written complaints “fully backed by evidence,” all of which have come from “men of credibility,” a majority of them being priests. So on May 29, he sent a legal notice to Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) President Cardinal Oswald Gracias, also to Archbishop Peter Machado of Bangalore for colluding and covering up murders allegedly committed by Bishop William, Mid Day reported. 


Catholic Press?

What about the Catholic press in India, shining as the ‘Masters’ Voice’,  which said nothing to our knowledge,  except Matters India, New Delhi which broke the news on May 7th and CCV carried it  on the 10th? But the secular press in Bangalore and elsewhere like ‘The Midday’, The News Minute (TNM) and other secular dailies are agog with detailed juicy descriptions of Bp. Willism’s reign of terror.


Melwyn Fernandes, General Secretary of the Association of Concerned Catholics (AOCC) told Bishop KA should take a paternity test. The 37 priests have also written to the Vatican urging immediate removal. He further said: “There are allegations of murders of priests being camouflaged as accidents. I call upon the Archbishop of Bangalore Peter Machado and CBCI President Cardinal Oswald Gracias to immediately suspend the Bishop of Mysore and to get the police to institute a high-level inquiry into the murders of innocent priests, as well as the transfers.” 


Resulted in what?

What is the net result of K.A.William’s reign of terror last two and half years? Deaths of four priests – two murders, one hanging and one accident. Further it has already resulted in as much as 23 per cent of the  Catholic laity leaving the Church, according to another report.


Justice Saldana, thirty-seven catholic priests from different parishes in Mysuru, Karnataka have levelled serious allegations against Bishop KA William, the 7th  Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Mysore. The sourse of this report is from various websites where the reader can find much more juicy details.


CCV’s longtime Stand!

As for the CCV we have been warning the CBC and all Indian bishops from two years ago when Pope Francis did a ‘temple cleansing of Chile bishops’ where all bishops, more than 30 had to resign due to their complicity with the national sex-scandal. Francis accepted the resignations of two or three only, possibly due to the   impossibility of finding a clean apple in a rotten apple bag.


At that time we had suggested that the Indian Episcopal bag of over 200 bishops and thousands of priests too many corrupt,(this is to accept there are many good ones among them) is more  rotten or stinking, starting with with Bishop Gallela of  Kadappa from a low caste, whom we first defended for being attacked by high caste priests in Andhra.


Gallela the good thief!

But when his sexual exploits with a 19 year old son was brought to light we had to expose him. He after all, gave the  example of the good thief and resigned to live a married life. He was followed by big sharks like Franco Mulackal, and the top cardinal friend of mine Alancherry whose main weakness seems to be his financial craze to build a Medical College for the glory of his Syro-Malabar Church, which in the process he  reduced it to ZERO!       


Both like Cardinal Pell of Australia are fighting interminable court cases. World’s top Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington in the notorious sex scandal involving women and seimarians(gay-sex) had to be laicized by the Pope since he was found incorrigible.  His Indian counter parts may have to meet the  same fate after prolonged court cases, as they are flush with money and still fighting.


Costly Court Cases!

In the 25 year old Abhaya case the Zero already spent around 50 cores to save two priests and  one sister. Money is not a problem for the Zero Church to fight sexual and financial corruption. Only they don’t have it to do good-Samaritan work for the poor and dying victims of the Coronavirus and penniless hungry migrant laborers trudging back home and falling dead on road due to exhaustion!


Instead the Zero Church want to open their worship shops like the liquor shops to sell their opium called religion by Marx, to the blind believers who are restless unless and until they go to a church – to take their daily or weekly sip —  to pray and consume the opium of Religion, although Gods have fled from all churches, temples and mosques.


Turning Churches to Care Homes?

That is precisely why, we had suggested to turn these empty churches to hospitals or Care centres, like turning war-weapons into ploughing tools, following gospel prescription! That would be living and acting like Jesus which is anathema to them, since Prayer shops like liquor shops alone will help inward flow of money, the mammon iniquity they worship!


That is why we were forced to say long ago already, that the church in India is a Church of Constantine, impossible of any reform and therefore the only option left is to destroy and dump it in the Arabian sea or Pacific ocean to pave  the way for the emergence of the people of God which embraces the whole of humanity and which the SON OF MAN JESUS came to found.


Nostradamus Prophecy!

That would perhaps fulfill the prophecy of Notradamus, that Francis would be the last captain of the Titanic which they said, even God could not sink, but sank! Today many  love the church because of the service it does to the poorest and abandoned, imitating a st.Mother Teresa and a whole lot of Sisters. Yes it is thanks to these sisters alone the Church has any name or fame.


What is comical is, the Corona factor has prompted a good section of the Catholic laity to pray to  “St.Corona” not to go away and leave them  orphans. These few seem to believe only the present percisting “St Corona” aiding and abetting the speedy trip  of the Bark of Peter to the bottom of the sea alone will force open the eyes of the rest, that prayer has to be said in silence as taught by Jesus  and even that is not an alibi, a substitute for ignoring the more important duty of caring for the poorest of the poor multiplied by Corona.


Let Corona do the Job!

One thing is dead certain. Vertical dialogue between laity and the hierarchy is impossible to achieve in the Indian context. Without such a dialogue no community life of love and care as in a family is possible, notwithstanding the latest memorandum of Sri. Kalarikal, my close friend and president of US Kerala Catholic reform group(KCRM) to abolish celibacy, which also is not going to happen in Kerala or India. So let “St. Corona” do what is impossible for humans to achieve. 


We only pray that we may be proved wrong about the necessary drowning of all in the bark of Peter(another ‘Felix Culpa) as we honesty wish for the survival, health, prosperity and peace of all, since  ‘sinners and saints, weeds and wheat’ are all man-made concepts, not god-made,  and since Energy is neither created nor perishable but permanent!

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2 Responses

  1. Robert Raymond says:

    May many more Justice Saldanha rise. Truly appreciate his efforts in opening the Pandora's Box. This is just not even the tip of the iceberg. Thousands upon thousands of incidents which have wrecked the lives of the devotees are not being reported because an environment exists and created where one who raises the issues is subjected to ostracism, alienation, defamed etc and mostly of the doctrine of the fires of hell that awaits tow those who dare the clerics. The silence of the laity has gone for too long now. 

    That is why the intervention of Justice Saldanha should encourage many more to come out in the open and expose these false shepherds. In fact, the presence of the Church itself poses grave danger even now and more in the future if the laity continues to ignore the issues. 

    The role of money should not be discounted, for its misuse is what drives these Religious rogues to commit these atrocities so brazenly.

    I have stopped giving money and encourage others to do the same if any decency and changes can be expected in the church.


    The Catholic hierarchy should come forward and investigate the issues. So that the society will know the truth. Keeping silent is acceptance of the crime. If they cannot investigate due to the reason well known only to them. They should handover the case to genuine investigating agency in the good interests of the church and the accused. I am sorry to say that the local police and the press have taken good advantage of the situation. 

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