The age of darkness is upon us!


The age of darkness is upon us!


Varghese PSir,

This is a response to the article with the captioned title of T. J. S. George in CCV dated 30th April.


When we encounter ‘Darkness at Noon’ on a daily basis; when  all our desperate cries end up in wilderness; when might is right and the weak are trampled on without any mercy; when wealth is made by nefarious means; when lies told repeatedly a thousand times becomes truth; when almost the entire population have become “rats” dancing to their destruction to the tune of “Pied Pipers” and when the “Big Brother” keeps a constant watch over our activities, including the intimate ones, we are forced to discard our faith in goodness and fair mindedness. We feel helpless overwhelmed by cynicism and despair.


Bemoan our plight, my beloved countrymen!


Varghese Pamplanil.

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