Cover photo: Streets and famous landmarks are deserted as cities go into lockdown. Ballet dancer and performer Ashlee Montague dances in an empty Times Square in New York, which has become an epicentre of the disease.


Isaac Gomes 

writes from Kolkata


The other day, one of my long-standing and beloved friends (Chartered Accountant) based in UAE asked me to share my thoughts, within ten minutes, on how Coronavirus has changed our way of life.  Given below are my off-the-cuff thoughts which I shared with him:  


  • Corona is a test case by a select few powerful countries to release laboratory-manufactured biological virus (weapons) in some countries with a view to deal a telling blow on their economy, healthcare and livelihood. It is an advanced arsenal of annihilation which does not cause any bloodshed and massive destruction one witnesses in conventional warfare, but has far-reaching effects.


  • In the instant case countries like the USA, France and China (the epicentre being Wuhan where the tests crystallized) are the collaborators, with only China getting the bad-dog blame. Anthony Fauci, the lead doctor-in-charge for controlling the Coronavirus Pandemic, and head of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is reported to have visited the Wuhan laboratory several times. He has been implicated by several US doctors and now even Trump rebuffed him the other day with his “He wants to play all sides of the equation” remark.


  • In Covid case, the Chinese government usurped control of the laboratory developed Virus and let go of it – the first major casualty being Italy for its "Hug Chinese" policy.  It spiralled out of control in other European nations including the USA and became a Pandemic, except understandably China which must have had a closely-guarded antidote.


  • Neighbouring country Taiwan raised the first loud and clear alarm, but the WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom brushed aside Taiwan's fear as baseless. Taiwan and New Zealand took effective steps to take the Corona bull by its horns and the result is for the world to see. Incidentally WHO chief ignored Taiwan more out of political compulsions than purely medical reasons, exclusively for which WHO has been formed.  


  • Corona is just the beginning of modern bloodless low-cost warfare. If the laboratory tests are fine-tuned, then similar viruses can be released secretively with laser-like precision on select countries to break their back bloodlessly and colonise them. This covert operation can be carried out on certain countries which are doing well, to badly disrupt their education, health and economy so that they cannot ever match up to the standard of Developed Countries.  The Gulf War, especially the annihilation of Saddam Hussain of Iraq and Muammar al-Gaddafi Gadafi of Liyba are clear instances of demolition of heads of nations who had become financially very well-off and consequently arrogant due to their multi-million petro dollars thanks to the oil reserves. The consortium of countries (led by the US and UK) wanted to get control of their oil reserves in the name of bringing in democracy and the rule of law! The big difference was these were conventional wars and the sophisticated release of Covid-like Viruses (biological weapons) are unconventional and that too without a drop of blood, yet having the desired effect designed by the power meniacs! All these covert efforts will be to control world's natural resources by a few powerful countries. 


  • Corona is modern warfare to maim the whole world and begin from the ashes where China dreams to be the world leader. One must have noticed this process: while the world economy is in the dumps, China is doing well. One of the blessings of Coronavirus is the realisation by world powers of the voracious appetite of China to gobble up its neighbours, including Africa, either through Debt-trap Diplomacy or its military might. The world powers have recognized the need to rein in the dragon. The QUAD initiative is one such move where Australia is taking leadership along with India.


  • One might ask if some developed countries were partners in crime with China, then how is it they too were struck by Covid?  The answer is it has been a case of cross-fire, boomerang or in football parlance same-side goals!


  • To contain Corona-like repetition and to reap the benefits of Globalisation, we need collective world leadership, instead of being at the mercy of one or two superpowers. Collective leadership is the key.  It should be MANNED by a group of women comprising Jacinda Ardern – PM of New Zealand, Tsai Lng-wen, President of Taiwan and Angela Merkel-Chancellor of Germany. Women by constitution and by nature, are creative and not warmongers on a devastating scale as men to endanger the earth, our common home.


  • We have to concentrate on building Immunity from early childhood (say 2-5 years of age) to withstand the fallout of epidemics. The delay of definite cure/vaccine in spite of modern scientific advancement has proved the point that we have to fend for ourselves – on our Immunity.  Countries with the best basic health infrastructure will withstand future epidemics the best. India with a huge youth population, should invest much more on health than its current budgetary allocation. Cuba is a shining example.


  • As a result of Covid, life immediately will not be the same as before. Travel, especially overseas, will reduce drastically for fear of contracting the disease. Eating out will also be much less. Online way of business, banking, conferences, especially Education (which will undergo sea change), will certainly be the order of the day. But public memory is short.  Humans being gregarious by nature, won't like to be in lockdown mode for years and would like to break free at every given opportunity – FREEDOM as Mel Gibson has so eloquently portrayed in his unforgettable movie BRAVEHEART.


My friend had the last word.He said Covid has been a great equaliser. It has instilled fear in the minds of the rich and put a near full stop to their Mindless Way of Life (everything has a price and there is no such thing which cannot be bought with money) and their false sense of security. He feels their splurging is directly interlinked with Covid and Climate Change.

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