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Reacting to the article Happy Onam, Jacob Macwan an Advocate by profession wrote the following: Jacob Macwan, Sept.3/17

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 5.10.05 pmHappy Onam to you also, James,

Please dont be in a hurry to find out the truth behind the curtain of death. Whatever is there is not going to run away. We need to  read some more gems from your pen, outlining the brilliant ideas sprouting from your fertile brain nourished by the deep studies and exploratory experinces.You are always in my prayers for God, if there is a God, to lead you to heaven, if there is a heaven, at the end of your sojourn on this planet.

jacob, Mumbai —

Dr. Joseph Prasad a Capuchin from Mangalore, teaching theology at St.Alberts, Ranchi, 6 years Rector earlier, writes reacting to Cateism, Happy Onam etc.

PintoJoseph Prasad Pinto, Sept.5/17: James, I Congratulate you for your hard work and great achievements, and the fruits of which you have shared through mass media. I have been reading you since you were the Editor of New Leader; then you gave a new face to the New Leader and I was happy to read it regularly. I have read several of your writings in the Indian Currents. Prophets look ahead and I feel that you are born a little earlier and remarkably acquired an art of process thinking Description:💭God Bless.  In God I believe there's no class; all such distinctions are man made and we give only that much value to them and only for a time…

James kottoorJames Kottoor Dear Jose, Thanks for all the undeserved compliments. On hard work  I agree but not able to agree with any of my great or small achievements. There is only one another man  who told me he knew me from N.Leader times and wrote the longest letter ever. Till now I have not met him or seen him. He is Bishop Alex Dias of Portblair. Still he sends me emails and more Kneemails(prayers) as he has little time to write.

I start my writing always with the prayer "Lord that I may see, desire, think, listen, speak and write all that you want me and only what you want me to do" since I know myself to be more blind than Bar Themeus whom he gave sight. So if you find anything enlightening convey your thanks to my Lord and to him alone. St. Paul constantly reminds me:"What have you which you have not received and if you have received why do you glory as if you have not received." That settles everything as far as I am concerned.

Any way want to know more about you since this is my first contact with you and wish to keep in touch. God bless you. james, a know-nothing only.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 5.16.42 pmSamuel Macwan

Bible said it .

There will be no Jew or Jew or faroshi Samruni. 

No caste No bar even no man or woman. 

All will be integrated in equality.

Jesus Bible can eradicate casteism. 

Even RSS theory of dominance. 

One platform of Jesus faith. 

One platform for poor and rich. 

One platform for all castes and Creed's.


John DickJohn Dick, 6/9/17

Reacting to our CCV post: Gem of a Journalist Gauri Lankesh shot dead, a reader from Blgium John Dick reacts instantly

Vey sad and a significant commentary on the cruel polarization that is moving around the globe…..Jack. 
John Alonzo Dick, PhD, STD,Geldenaaksebaan 85 A,3001 Heverlee,Belgium

Reacting to Article praising CBCI bishops who condened Journalist murder in Bangalore Joe from Chicago writes:

Joe from Chicago writes:  

Thanks for the detailed news regarding the sad news of the journalist. How sad it is ! Your appreciating comments of the Bishops reaction is a positive note that you are not only the negative critic but also an encouraging critic

Keep up the good work. Thanks, Joe Mullappally, Chicago

A very knoledgable writer and critic now in London, Varghese Pamplanil reacts to CCV post ‘Professional  Politicians'.

VargheseVarghese Pamplanil, 5/8/17/,;

 All India Professional Congress

Apropos, Dr. Kottoor’s comments on Sashi  Tharoor’s proposal for All India Professional Congress under the aegis of Congress Party. The very name Congress leaves a bad taste in the mouth. The party has degenerated in to a cess pool of sycophancy, corruption, dishonesty, wheeling and dealing.  The late Indira Gandhi, in order to project her wayward son,  Sanjay had ensured that state leaders like V. P. Naik, H.N. Bahuguna, Brahmanda Reddy etc.  were booted out. No local leader was allowed to come up.With the sad end of Rajiv Gandhi, the party became the pocket borough of the Italian origin Sonia, with no  political acumen or leadership qualities.

Her son Rahul is  incapable for reviving the fortunes of the party. Modi is a cunning politician, a good communicator. He is the creature of the corporate world. He is the mouth piece of Hindu diehards who can effectively project the cow,  the mandir and the OBC. This charade will flourish till the “ daridhra narayanans “ belatedly realise that they have been hood winked and taken for a ride. India is no France where the reverberations of the French Revolution still linger.Modern Protestant European society  is dynamic. India is still in the clutches of religiosity of the worst kind. The country  is centuries behind modernism in real terms. But nothing in nature or society exists in the vacuum.Some unexpected force may  appear and change the scenario That  alone is the hope.

Varghese Pamplanil, UK

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