No one can one stop construction of Ram Mandir: Yogi Adityanath

Isaac Gomes gives his view on BJP MP, Yogi Adityanath who likes to hog the limelight by spitting fire.  A yogi's prime responsibility is abstinence or relinquishing greed, anger, hatred and running after money and power.  But Yogi Adityanath is a military-minded person whose only motive is to create sensation, in the hope of ministerial berth in the central cabinet.

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No one can one stop construction of Ram Mandir: Yogi Adityanath 

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Basti(UP): Making another controversial remark, BJP MP, Yogi Adityanath challenged that no one can stop the construction of “Ram Mandi” when nobody could stop the demolition of “Babri Masjid”.

He was addressing Ram Katha program in Basti District of UP. He told that the contribution of Mother Teresa was part of propagation of Christianity and conversion of Hindus to Christianity.

He told the audience that they are not aware the situation in the Northeast states of India.

It may be mentioned that last year, RSS Chief had also made a similar remark saying that the objective of Mother Teresa to serve the poor was in fact to induct them into Christianity.


Isaac's views:
Isaac GomesBJP MP, Yogi Adityanath must have gone crazy in saying that the Ram Mandir will be constructed at any cost. He has forgotten that we have a very strong Judiciary which his party is trying to tamper with as Indira Gandhi did.

Why doesn't Yogi's guru Namoji utter even a single word on Ram Mandir in his numerous foreign jaunts, especially the USA where he rushed four times in quick succession and  UK?  Then he paints and sells India as a tolerant and very liberal country with excellent climate for investment.  His slogan that time is "Make in India" and then allow 100% FDI!

If Yogi Adityanath hates Christianity and Christians, why does his partymen go to Christian-dominated countries for fun & frolic (study tours!) and business? I am sure they do not eat only vegetarian food and practise yoga there wearing the dress of an ascetic which the Yogi pretends to be!  They wear the costliest western suits as Modiji himself flaunts without uttering a word on Ram Mandir.  He talks about entry into NSG, global terrorism, global warming and seamless banking for the poor, etc.  Not a word on Mother Teresa or Ram Mandir.  No wonder Modiji never takes Yogi Adityanath on board with him on such trips, lest Yogiji's frenzied talk should burst the balloon of Namo – one of benign public posture abroad and diametrically opposite practice at home, allowing his rabbles spit fire right, left and centre and sitting like "Mauni Baba" – a trait he attributed to his predecessor Manmohanji!

Like 100% FDI in Defence, Airlines and Pharmaceuticals, Yogiji can easily get 100% FDI on building of Ram Mandir!  It would be fully made in India matching with Namo's "Make in India" slogan and funded by foreign investors Walmart style! 

I am sure Yogi Adityanath in spite of being a self-proclaimed yogi, is looking for a ministerial berth in the imminent reshuffle.  A true yogi always empties himself, he promotes peace and harmony without ever fanning fire but Yogi Adityanath does this at every given opportunity. He is not a yogi but a Bhogi. 

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