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          I happened to read the write up: അച്ചൻ കോവിലാറ്റിൽ മുങ്ങി മരിച്ചു… by Sri Roshan Francis in Almaysabdam blogspot and enjoyed it. I felt  the same every time while reading  his  writings. This time I  felt guilty for not writing a  word of  appreciation till now. I felt like the ten lepers who were healed by Jesus  and only a Samaritan went back to thank him. I felt I am not even as good as that Samaritan.  So this note.

         What is special about  Roshan's writings? All is summed up  in the little Latin Phrase: "Ridendo corrigere!" (Correct by  making people laugh or by making harmless pun or fun upon people." I must admit that Roshan is an expert at it. As a result, I guess, he has a vast crowd appreciating his writings.  Please, Roshan, accept my sincere, honest congratulations and pardon me for my silence for too long.

         Of course I was not keeping silent purposefully. Usually I don't read much Malayalam. I have too much English items to read or write or edit  that I hardly get time for anything else, although I start my reading  and writing daily at 4 am and finish sometimes the following day.  That is  said, not as an excuse but as a statement of  facts. At the same time it is also a fact only the very busy people  can afford to spare some time to do a few exemplary things.  Also I  don't write Malayalam on my computer, as I do fast with English.

         Even if we are  not able to do herculean good works that make people wonder, we all can say a good word of encouragement about good things said, written or done by others, which  alone make this  world worth living. A good word of encouragement is like a smile: "Smile a while and while your smile there lights up miles and miles of  SMILES." A good word has such multiplier effect. That is why it is said:  “Wear a smile on your face all the time”. It is contagious and infects others do the same. Also it is said: "A drop of honey attracts a swarm of flies or bees than a barrel of vinegar."  The easiest thing all can do is to go about “wearing a smile”,  the next thing is to say a good word  which takes a little more effort, but affordable to all.

          So let us support each other with a word of good will and encouragement during  this Lent and make both Almayasabdam (Malayalam James Kottorblog) and Church Citizen's Voice"(English) entertaining, informative, educational and enjoyable. God bless all participants in the discussions,  also those  who want to do so but are prevented from doing it for various legitimate reasons. God Bless all  and He will, because the name our God is MERCY as Pope Francis says and He  is always on the run after the lost sheep, like the Prodigal Father.

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