Women Priests in India: Anyone feel  Called to become One?

dr. james kottoor

   The  letter below is from Dr. John Wijngaards, an International Theologian and a great promotor of the cause of priesthood for women in the Church. The letter is addressed to  the editor in Chief of CCV. He was a great missionary in Andhra  Pradesh   helping many bishops there while working as a professor of Theology in St. sc2John’s Seminary.  He was also one of the top speakers at the WOW 2001 Dublin.              

        WOW is the short form for “Women’s  Ordinations in the Catholic Church Worldwide” first held in Dublin. It was at his insistence this scribe attended that conference as Associate Editor of Indian Currents, Delhi and wrote the book: “Woman why are you weeing” which is a compendium of the Dublin conference. Ever since his studies in Rome we continue to be very good friends, now mostly on the internet. “Hans” as we used to call him, John is now in UK running:  Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research  on Women’s Ordination.

His website: http://womenpriests.org/pcalled.asp, is really a mine of information on the subject. It is a must for every well meaning person to click open it at least. One who does that will not close it without spending at least half hour looking at the mind grabbing new ideas presented so fascinatingly. He is master artist at selling ideas entertainingly.  I fell for that,  otherwise I would not have gone for the Dublin Conference and I don’t regret it either. So have a look at this website.

His Letter

                  The purpose of his letter to me is very simple. Just read what he writes:   “Catholic women called to the priesthood? A Spanish friend of mine who has just finished her doctorate in theology, would like to collect testimonies of women who feel(felt) called  to publish them in a book in Spain. Her name is Adelaide Baracco. Please write to her if you have a story which you can contribute. It will be published on  womenpriests.org.

                   “ We have published many testimonies, as you may know. More are always welcome. The fact that so many women feel called, in spite of repression, is another sign of the Spirit that the Church should change her objection to women's ordained ministries. See: http://www.womenpriests.org/pcalled.asp

                    So you may  first take a peep at his website  and write to us, to Wijngaards or to Adelaide. Your correspondence will be held secret unless directed otherwise. Those who want to know more about women’s priesthood also may feel free to write to us for more information or for public discussion. Both sisters and lay people married or unmarried are welcome to write. So may the  CCV wait to hear from you?

Contact at: jameskottoor@gmail.com

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