White supremacist group distribute racist fliers in Connecticut

America going white-racist?

Staff Reporter in Universal News Network,NY, February 17, 2017

(Note: “Make America White Again?” All can understand if the cry is for: “Make America first, strong, rich, powerful etc” But how can anyone make a country built mostly by Africans brought as slaves and by so many immigrants – brown, yellow, dark or gray from various countries around the world – white again? It would be like India saying: “Make India Hindu, or Casteist.” If US has to warn itself  and strive to work hard against  going a white racist country (WASP), India has to equally guard against its tendency to go Casteist or a Hindu dominated country led by the sectarian group called RSS. Shameful incidents last year against Africans, has proved India to be a country tainted with racism as well.

WASP means: White, Anglo Saxon, Protestant. These people  who migrated from England and settled in East Cost, around Boston were the first bearers of racist wires into US which spread all over the country to produce various divided competing ethnic islands or communities which refused to mingle or mix. This  prompted Gunnar Mirdal, to write the “the American Dilema,” the melting pots that didn’t melt. The dilemma continues even today. These pots packed side by side refuse to melt and mingle, where as the Spanish and Portuguese who colonized South America mingled and intermarried with the people of the place to prevent any sharp racial conflict.

Today the world has already marched miles and miles into the globalized era of internet irrevocably,  that is, beyond the possibility of turning back or going back to the dark ages or man’s starting place in the jungles. Cultural, scientific and civilizational progress is making more and more peope World Citizens who can’t any more think of being confined to a small state(Bihar) or country(India) but want to be on an equal footing with anyone in any country in the world.

While this is happening on a global level some fringe elements in various countries – in US and Europe especially in UK – are bitten with the bug or nostalgia for the good old days of White supremacy now lost and that  triggered the two incidents, Brexit in UK and Triumph of Trump in US. We have a  parallel in the Old testament when some of those escaping from Egypt and trudging the  hot deserts to the promised land under Moses, some complained,  when food was scarce in the desert, about the stomach full food they were getting in Egypt though in slavery.  Similar things are happening to White supremists in US and UK.

India therefore has to learn good lessons from these short sighted divisiveness and fight tooth and nail against all sorts of divisions in the country based on caste, creed, class, community. The fact is that BJP victory in the last elections, though  with the support of ony 31 % votes, is forcing divisive elements to rear their ugly heads in religion and politics for sectarian gains. Here India’s ancient vision of “Vasudeiva kudumbakam” should hold us together as a  joint-family of races, castes, religions and communities, to march ahead in fellowship and prosperity. james kottoor, editor)

Racist fliers by white supremacist groups targeting non-White communities are proliferating in the United States. After some fliers targeting Indian families were reported from Texas, more has been found distributed in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Police said several printed fliers were found on driveways and in mailboxes on Newtown Avenue in Norwalk on Monday. The fliers read, “We must secure the existence of our race and a future for white children. Make America White Again.”

Officials say the fliers also list a link to a white supremacist website, reported NBC News. Norwalk residents placed a complaint with the police department. Norwalk Police Spokesman Lt. Terry Blake said detectives are investigating the fliers.

Last week, ABC News reported a threatening racist flier was found by an unidentified Indian family living in the Riverstone community in Fort Bend, Texas. In November, close to Thanksgiving, similar racist fliers targeting Indians and Indian Americans were found in McKinney, Texas.

The unidentified family in Fort Bend found the flier left at their home in the middle of the night. The opening sentence was “Our new President, Donald J Trump is God’s gift to the white nation.” It added: “we need to get rid of Muslims, Indians, and Jews,” telling them to “get out of Texas and go back to where you came from.”

The family is too frightened to report it to police, much less discuss it publicly. They don’t know if they were specifically targeted, or if their house was selected at random, reported ABC News, quoting a family friend of the family.

“It is literally spewing in word form hate for everybody who isn’t white Anglo Saxon,” the family friend was quoted as saying. “That’s basically what this letter says.” More than 1,000 incidents of hateful intimidation and harassment were reported nationwide from November 9 through December 12, many of them apparently committed by supporters of President Donald Trump, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

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