Welcome me with cleanliness, not flowers, says Yogi UP CM

Purposeful bonding with people is governing

Yogi also said that for him, politics was a responsibility and a duty and not a position meant for enjoyment.

In THE ASIAN AGE, Published May 2, 2017


James kottoor(Note: Like it or not,  Indian PM Modiji and UP CM stand out in popular perception and national media also called ‘presstitue’ for the things they say and do. Recall the many things Modi said like ‘sab ka vikas, sab ka sath’ quoted also by world leaders, ‘make in India’, ‘swatch Bharat’, ‘Man ki baat’, ‘every Inian is a VIP’, ‘goodbye to red light and VIP culture’ and many other catch phrases which engages the public both mentally and visually.

 Now comes  Yogi Adityanath with his call to people in UP ‘welcome me with Cleanliness, not with Flowers.”  Both are engaging the public constantly with uninterrupted conversation and communication with people on a daily basis, not during election time only. They are constantly bonding government with the governed. They are in constant dialogue with peoples’ concerns all through their tenure in office not found during the time of previous governments. In fact the main complaint against Manmohanji was that he was a ‘mummohan’ for not opening his mouth even on critical occasions. This is the secret of their great success of bringing state after state under the BJP rule.

 Will other leaders both in politics and religion, especially Churches, learn a lesson from the BJP? This is something to be thought of seriously by all public servants. Just take the call of Yogi; ‘welcome me with Cleanliness, not with Flowers’. What else is happening at all public functions of political leaders or religious gurus, especially of Church dignitaries? Most of the time and money are squandered for wasteful reception formalities, just to make the guest of honour feel good or great with no service content for the ordinary people who attend these functions.

Two other unforgettable things Yogi said was that the era of ‘nepotism and  appeasement’ is over and ‘politics was duty and responsibility and not enjoyment of the leaders’. They are words loaded with unforgettable message for the people. Can anyone who hears them forget them easily? This is the secret of constructive and successful governance. “Doctors will have to attend to patients and teachers will have to teach the students”, he told them. Both Modi and Yogi are noted for their work-culture. Both work reportedly even after midnight. When leaders set good examples, people will perforce follow them. Three cheers to both Modi and Yogi.  james kottoor, editor).


                 Lucknow: UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday asked party workers not to welcome him and his ministers with flowers during their visits to various districts. “Instead, you should welcome us with a cleanliness campaign.

        A day before a minister visits a district; you should carry out a cleanliness campaign and then take the minister there. I will also come and then you can tell me about the problems specific to that area”, he said while inaugurating the two-day state executive meeting of the UP BJP here. The chief minister said that this would not only give an impetus to the Swachchh Bharat campaign but would also ensure the involvement of the common people.

“We have the model of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and we simply have to follow it,” the Uttar Pradesh chief minister said.

             The chief minister said that the era of nepotism and appeasement had ended and the politics of development was being supported. “Our government is working for the people and on the ideology of our party. I can assure you that we will never disturb anyone who follows the rules”, he said.

             He also said that for him, politics was a responsibility and a duty and not a position meant for enjoyment.Chief minister Yogi Adityanath further referred to his decision of banning illegal slaughter houses and said that it was beyond his comprehension why the previous government had not implemented the NGT order.

            “Some people told me that the ban would adversely affect the health of people. I am a vegetarian but am not less healthy than others. In fact, I am more energetic when it comes to working”, he pointed out.
              The chief minister stated that the system in the education and health sector in the state had been completely derailed. “Within 100 days, we will set it back on the rails.
Doctors will have to attend to patients and teachers will have to teach the students”, he announced. 
Earlier in the day, the chief minister had said that photographs of teachers should be put up on walls of government schools in order to check proxy teaching.


         The chief minister said that his government was determined to implement the Lok Sankalp Patra and work had already begun. “We have waived loans of farmers, set up Anti-Romeo Squads and started clearing cane dues.

               Yogi Adityanath said that he and his ministers were working till after midnight every day to fulfill the aspirations of the people and assured a visible change within 100 days. “And no one is complaining or even blinking at our late night meetings”, he said.

              The chief minister said that his ministers would soon start touring the state to integrate the state and central welfare schemes.



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