The Catholic Church and human sexuality

How did it happen that the Catholic tradition came to find that sexual desire is sinful?

How can the human species as well as other creatures survive and sustain on earth without the fusion of the male and female genes? How can this majestic wonder of nature be labelled as sin if done without the explicit sanction of the Church?

Why this ‘do’s’ and ‘don’t’ dictates to the faithful how to conduct themselves in their bed rooms?

What is implied by calling nuns ‘brides of Christ’, Jesus ‘bride groom of nuns’,’ heavenly bride groom’, heaven the ‘bridal chamber’ and the Church ‘ the bride of Christ’. Are not these sexual motifs manifestation of perverted sexual fantasies?

In viewing human sexual orientation unapproved by the church as a decease, is it not the Catholic Christianity trying to act as good physician offering spiritual medication and the discipline that alone can cure it?

“Sexuality is not mere instinctuality; it is indisputably a creative power that is not only the basic cause of our individual lives. But a very serious factor in our psychic life as well” ( Carl Jung)

SexAndChurch“Telling us all the sins we are capable of performing with our sexual organs does not enlighten us about our sexuality. Those who reduce a mystery to a problem are guilty of ‘intellectual’ perversion. (Mathew Fox)

Has not the time arrived for the Church to jettison its obsession with human sexual orientation and instead concentrate on problems that really bedevil humanity?

Does the Church arrogates itself as the sole arbitrator of marriages conducted all over the world?

“How did it happen that the Christian Church which proclaims the infinite value and moral freedom of each individual came to insist that the human kind, made in God’s image, cannot chose not to sin.”

(Helmut Koster– Morrison Professor of the New Testament, Harvard University).

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2 Responses

  1. Abraham Koothottil. says:

    Jesus when he was alive was found fault with associating himself with the sinners and the prostitutes! Church now is worried about making people holy and pure so that Jesus can associate himself with them! Actually the church is imposing sins on people from outside. If someone is divorced for good reasons the church law labels him a sinner; suppose a priest with the vow of celibacy marries according to his conscience, he commits a blasphemous sin. To meet this situation one has to realize that the church has no such authority to impose sins from outside. Only this realization can liberate people to the freedom of their conscience!

  2. zach says:

    Mr Vargese Pamplanil is asking a few relevant questions arising from real commonsense which the Catholic Chruch (I mean the prelates who think they have to decide everything in the Church) has lost. How otherwise would a synod, which was declared to be so important, was concentrated on almost a single issue like the divorsed and their sharing in the communion of the Eucharist? The Eucharist taken as a meal as symbol of sharing is not emphasizedby the situation in which the participants are in. Did not Christ himself include Judas in the last supper, the prototype of the Eucharist? Why are the church prelates so worried about the state in which the soul of a divorced man or woman finds itself? Aren't they precisely the ones who need most the sharing sentiment of the Church?

    The prelates are seriously perverted in their thinking. They are in no way going to change the Church into a better community. They are, except a few genuine ones amon them, are only interested in self glorification and the use of power. And by power I mean temporal power, for they hold now no spiritual power at all over the faithful. Most of them live in a world of illusion. It is not without reason that many accuse them now also of voyeuristic tendencies. The state of celibacy is an irrational and unnatural way of life and is the root cause of the maladies now facing the church. Let them fist seek means to freee themselves from it and then seek to help the faithful.

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