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The knives are out!

(Note:  Varghese Pamplanil,  now back in Kerala, from Texas, usa, gives his reactions to many write ups in CCV against Pope Francis to help readers reach a constructive conclusion. jk, ccv, editor).


Varghese Pamplanil Varghese Pamplanil,  18/11/17                   Varghese Pamplanil

              It seems that the knives are out to annihilate Pope Francis for being humane and trying to walk with the world by discarding  the dead wood  of the past and make the Church relevant to  the world of today. But people with blinkers in their eyes refuse to see the dim light shown by him.

              Dr. Joseph Sciferst says “giving the sacrament  to unrepentant SINNERS on the basis of a (impossible for us) discernment of whether their sin is compatible of their being in the state of grace for subjective reasons,” is unacceptable and that Catholics have  to obey God, more than man” etc.

               Some persons seem to have exclusive dedicated internet connection between them and their God. They have taken upon themselves the right to declare others as Sinners with their self-proclaimed authority to do so. One’s conscience, rational judgement and sanctity of the inner self and autonomy are dismissed out of hand summarily.

               Who can brand a person “sinner”; some uppity moral humbug? This particular Catholic philosopher seems to be keen for the revival of prescriptions of the conservative obscurantist, autocratic, dour, authoritarian, actor turned zealot, John Paul II in the name of the sacrosanct Catholic tradition.

              A revisit of the Catholic Ten Commandments may indicate that the Church is a gross violator of the Commandments such as:

  1. “Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day”. By the way is Sunday the Sabbath day?  It is the day of worship introduced by Constantine, an ardent devotee of Sol Invictus, “Invincible Sun”. Sunday is the day of the Sun God, not of Yahweh and His  Sabbath day.
  1. “You shall not covet your neighbour’s wife.” Pope John Paul II was reported to have had a passionate love affair with a married American lady, as disclosed by the love letters in her possession from the late Pope. Jesus says, if one looks at a woman with desire, one has committed adultery. The bottom line of the love between a man and a women has SEXUAL in its intent. By coveting his neighbour’s wife did not the Pope violate the aforesaid Commandment and had been in a state of sin? Did he not receive the sacraments? To cap it all, he has been declared a saint super fast. What a joke?
  1. Another Commandment says “you shall not covet your neighbour’s goods.” By plundering the wealth of the faithful under various guises, is not the Church violating this Commandment? But the pseudo moralists can do any atrocity but tarnish the sexual union between two consenting adults as "Sin".  What a travesty? God save the humanity from these incorrigible “double speakers”.

Given below is also response from John Rose, CCV’s new contributor from Kanniyakumari, jk


John RoseDear Editor,

Thank you very much for making me CVC's columnist. I will endeavour to be worthy of this new calling. My next write-up SAINT (so & so) PRIVATE LTD. is getting ready, I will mail it in two days. 


                          C. John Rose

                         18 November 2017




John Jose

Thank you Rose, you are most welcome, continue to be like a Rose  pleasing to the eye and spreading fragrance, the 'order of Jesus', truth incarnate, to the far ends of the globe, through our global portal to unite people of goodwill.   j


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