Raipur church faces demolition days after it was vandalised

For the last six months, five incidents of this type, of attacking churches, have been reported in the state.

Raipur: The Raipur Municipal Corporation (RMC) on Thursday issued a notice to the church, which was vandalised in Kachna locality here on March 6, saying the shrine is built on encroached land and has to be demolished.

The notice was sent to priest Ankush Bariaker, who holds Sunday prayers. It triggered protests and forced the RMC to send similar notices to other residents in the locality whose houses are built on encroached land. The residents have been asked to vacate their houses within three days. Additional municipal commissioner J R Soni insisted the notice has nothing to do with the church attack.

Hundreds of residents staged a demonstration outside the RMC office against the notices on Thursday while Chhattisgarh Christian Forum (CCF) announced a dharna on Friday. Congress workers would join the dharna as well.

CCF president Arun Pannalal called the notice a conspiracy against Christians. "Earlier, they issued a notice only to the church owner. After protests, notices were served to all. This shows RMC is biased," he said."These people have been living in Kachna for decades and were also paying civic dues. Why was the eviction notice served just after the church attack?" Pannalal said there is also a Hindu temple in the locality."Will they demolish it too?" asked Pannalal.

Source: Times of India

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