Publish caste-census date of 2011: Conference

New Delhi:(Matters India) The Indian government’s refusal to disclose the findings of the Caste Census of 2011 is an attempt to help the minority Brahmin caste to hold on to top positions in the country, noted a movement of Supreme Court lawyers and concerned citizens at a conference on Saturday.

AMODE (Adivasi, Minority, Other Backward Caste, Dalit and Economically Weaker) that organized the conference at the Constitution Club, New Delhi demanded the publication of the caste-based census immediately.

The conference on “Constitutional Mandate to Preserve Unity in Diversity and Caste Census Data 2011” noted that the census was carried out first time after 1931 spending 40 billion rupees.

The census was the result of a historic debate on May 6 and 7 in the Lok Sabha, lower house of parliament.

An AMODE press release recalled that some vested interests had consistently tried to prevent a caste-based census since Indian independence in 1947.

The conference demanded an immediate and strong check on the current political ideology that tries to not only destroy India’s ancient ethos but spread hatred and division among various sections of people in the country.

India continues to suffer backwardness and slavery because of major sections of the country are kept away from political and social decision making, the conference regretted.

It also noted the predominance of a minority caste group various sections of administration, judiciary, legislatures and educational institutions. Quoting 1982 statistics, the conference noted that Brahmins, who form just 3.5 percent of India’s population occupy 62.5 percent of top bureaucracy, judiciary and politics.

In Delhi University, only 8 percent of various posts are occupied by people from Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and Other Backward Caste groups, the AMODE press noted said. Similarly, people from these sections occupy only 5 percent of posts in the prestigious Industrial Training Institute of Kanpur.

The only way to remove such inequality and ensure equal representation of all in the socioeconomic and political development of the country, people should be told their strength, the conference asserted.

It noted that the Supreme Court as well as several government-appointed commissions had recommended a caste based census without which it would be impossible to involve everyone in nation building exercise.

The conference noted a deliberate attempt to hide the findings of the Caste-Census of 2011. Those opposing the publication of the census are spreading baseless rumors that such a step would disastrous for the country.

The government’s refusal to publish the census shows that it still continues to treat common people as ignorant and undeserving. “This is neglect of the Constitution and insult to parliament,” the press release asserted.

The publication the Caste Census of 2011 will help promote unity in diversity and break the shackled of caste discrimination that continues cripple the nation’s progress, the conference asserted.

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