PM must be made to pay for a cruel joke on people


screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-8-18-38-amThis speech after note ban? – Prasenjit Bose, Hindustan Times,  Jan 01, 2017

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s assertion that lakhs of crores of cash being deposited to the banks itself marks a success of demonetisation is ridiculous, since deposits are banks’ liabilities on which they have to pay interest. 

(Note: Whether the writer Prasenjit Bose is right or  left leaning, the questions he raises here are very relevant and must be answered by Modi or by equally or better knowledgeable persons. Citizens, especially the poor ordinary folks who didn’t have any share at all in looting national wealth, money laundering and corruption, were the ones who were put to Himalayan hardships in the last 50 days and things have not improved either.

It is when our so called highly placed political personalities get trapped in very shameful blunders that they hide behind dead silence in the face of pointed questions raised. The more it is prolonged the more that silence becomes a vociferous self-accusation, destroying the very credibility of the authority facing  questions. So the PM who caught the nation by surprise on the midnight of Nov.8th, owes it to the nation to give a satisfactory answer.

No one questions his intention to fight corruption. All are with him on that point. The question is: Why millions of the country’s marginalized were made to suffer physically, morally, socially, financially to the extend of succumbing to  their James Kottorown death. And more important, how the nation is going to compensate the loses they have suffered? The very fact his speech contained a lot of poll sops, shows he was trying to pacify the severely hurt in the demonetizing exercise. james kottoor, editor)

The Prime Minister’s speech was high on homilies and bluster, low on substance. It has failed to provide any relevant fact or data on the demonetisation exercise.

How much of the proscribed currency notes returned to the banking system by December 30? How much ‘black money’ and fake currency were unearthed since November 8? How many illicit cash hoarders and terrorists were caught? What gain has accrued to the exchequer and what have been the fiscal costs of the note ban? By when would the supply of new currency notes normalise and the limits on cash withdrawal removed? These questions remain unanswered.

The PM is silent on these because the answers will expose the entire demonetisation exercise as a policy fiasco, which has yielded peanuts in terms of recovered black money while inflicting heavy economic pain on the people through a policy-induced recession. The continuance of cash withdrawal limits implies that the government and RBI are nowhere close to restoring normalcy in cash availability.

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The PM’s assertion that lakhs of crores of cash being deposited to the banks itself marks a success of demonetisation is ridiculous, since deposits are banks’ liabilities on which they have to pay interest. His point about high cash use causing inflation and corruption is also baseless – countries like Japan and Hong Kong have much higher cash-GDP ratios than India’s, yet lower inflation and corruption.

Did 100-plus Indian citizens die in bank queues for interest subsidy on home loans and maternity benefits? This is nothing but a cruel joke on over a billion people, for which PM must be made to pay. (The writer is a Left-economist)



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  1. Denis Daniel says:

    The tragedy is that almost all the poor, illiterate, bigots and followers of RSS ideologues are lauding every word that Modi ji utters.

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