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15 Best Benefits of Figs or Anjeer

[Note: They say Health is Wealth.  While CCV tries to enlighten its readers on various burning issues viz. Church Reforms, important Political Development and Upheavals, Spiritual Matters, Isaac Gomes, Associate Editor of CCV feels one area needs to be emphasised too i.e....

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The Poor go Poorer – MPLAD Funds Part 2 (Final)

Further to the 18th July 2017 article on “How Our MPs spend their Rs 5 Crore-a-Year MPLAD Funds”, given below is a list of projects which can be funded through MPLAD Scheme.  This is a sector-wise list of illustrative works...

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CHERRIES & ROAST – chhotebhai

It is very topical because just yesterday a group in Mumbai has been booked for mimicking the Prime Minister – chottebhai  Does this sound like a recipe? It is, and isn’t! It isn’t a recipe for food, but it is...

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All Modi-reforms counter productive? Note ban has cost us a lot!

Rahul Khullar in July 06, 2017 (Illustration: Dominic Xavier/ Well, then, what did DeMo achieve? As predicted by most economists, the volume of transactions fell, economic activity was adversely impacted, and some sectors (which were more dependent on cash...