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  Here is another masterpiece by Chhotebhai, a treatise on the increasing hullabaloo we are witnessing across India, all in the name of Religiosity and less Spirituality. The organisers/ processionists do not care for any civic norms by making the local...


Reactions from Readers!

Note:  We are in receipt of too many reactions to our recent posts in the CCV. As time and pace permit we shall publish them subject wise or part by part. First there is heated discussion on Auricular confession on...


Government wants last word on judges

THE FREE PRESS JOURNAL By Olav Albuquerque  Aug 10, 2018 07:26 am The dilly-dallying of the Government of India over the elevation of Justice K.K. Joseph to Supreme Court, is an alarming sign.  It shows that it is trying its...



  * JOSEPH MANI   In the wake of the confession-related scandal in Kerala, the NCW chairperson has suggested that Confession should be banned. The Churches have vehemently opposed the suggestion, naturally; the BJP government, through its Minister Alfons Kannanthanam,...


Bowing to Dravidian Leader!

The colossus of Dravidian Politics has gone but Dravidian politics will stay on and prosper.  We, the CCV,  see that as the lasting  tribute to Karunanithi. May that "Nithi"  give leadership to cultural groups in  every state in India, to...


US financiers respond to Vatican criticism

U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission chiefs say credit default swaps perform a service for the real economy.   La Croix International staff United States July 30, 2018 Here is a report in La Croix International on economic affairs, more specifically...