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English Catholicism Is Roman Catholicism

  (NOTE: The article below by Father Dwight Longenecker, a priest of the Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina, shows  there’s no evidence that the Anglican church was founded on an ancient apostolic church that existed in Britain for 600 years before...


Poor Sanitation Glare on the East

  The Telegraph India By Special Correspondent Wednesday , August 9 , 2017   (Note:  Since the launch of the Swachh Bharat Mission, toilets have been constructed in nearly 4.54 crore homes across the country. Uttarakhand, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim and...



(Note: In the midst of hair-splitting and serious articles, CCV's Isaac Gomes, presents some lighter moments from the world of sports, for our readers).     Malachi Richardson of the Syracuse Orange falls in the second half against the Virginia...


Lucifer is not in a hurry, Italy is an inferno.

  (Note:  Isaac Gomes, Associate Editor, Chuch Citizens' Voice provides readers and their friends an insight into the inferno-like heat of Italy and Rome, thanks to Dr Robert Moynihan, who reports from the Vatican).   Inside the Vatican Magazine Letters from...


Marching orders – Sorry state of US military transgenders

Editorial, in the Indian Express, July 28, 2017 Historically, the armed forces have been the world’s most heavily gendered institutions. (Note: CCV already published two reports on problems transgenders face in US the oldest and India the largest democracies. In  US President...