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His Holiness Declines to Answer!

By Ross Douthat,  New York Times Columnist  26 Nov. 2016 (Note:  CCV  published the whole letter of 4 cardinals questioning Francis, on Nov. 23/16. Various reactions were coming from individuals and columnists in top international papers like New York Times. This reaction...

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Why doesn’t Modi speak in Parliament?

DECCAN CHRONICLE.,Published, Nov 23, 2016 At least the people of India will note their elected leader has satisfied the demands and conventions of democratic and parliamentary life.  (Note: “Demonetisation move” says our PM, “was not the end but the beginning of...

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Digesting the Trump win

November 21, 2016,  Santosh Desai in Times of  India (Note: The whole world is asking questions to unravel the riddle of Trump win. None has come up with convincing answers. The hitherto presumed consensus on what the world should like and...

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Francis’ multicoloured Consistory

The newly-elected cardinals received their "courtesy visits" this afternoon. These men of the Church hail from countries such as Albania, Syria and Venezuela, that have been the scene of past and present tragedies (Published in Vatican Insider). In the pic: The newly-elected...

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Ecumenical center gets first Catholic priest as director

 ECC (Eccumenical Christian Centre) Bangalore By Philip Mathew, Published on,  November 21, 2016 by: Fr Chandrankunnel being installed as ECC director    (Note: Banglore’s Eccumenical Christian Centre (ECC) stands to the credit of a visionary Pastor, M.A.Thomas of the Mar Thoma...

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Is the American system showing signs of fatigue?

  Endy Bayuni  in the Statesman, Kolkatta,November 19, 2016 Authoritarian regimes and dictators around the world must feel vindicated by the just concluded presidential race in the United States, the one-time champion of liberal democracy that had the habit of...