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One man one party show in India?

Will politics shrink in 2017? By Rajdeep Sardesai, in 'Breaking Views', 06 Jan, 2017 (Note: Rajdeep Sardesai as usual raises some sharp pointed questions, the outstanding being: Will our politics shrink into a one man, one party show? It could and if...

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Five states go to polls

From February 4 to March 8, results  on March 11 – DECCAN CHRONICLE Published Jan 4, 2017 Punjab, Goa on February 4, Uttarakhand Feb 15, UP February 11, 15, 19, 23, 27, March 4, 8; Manipur March 4, 8. (In the...

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Russia to dominate world stage in 2017

Harsha Kakar,January 3, 2017, in Statesman, Kolkotta (Note: Syria today has become the world’s laboratory of shadow fighting between various warring nations, big and small for various vested interests pure and symple. The powers involved are: 1. the Syrian president Bashar...

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PM must be made to pay for a cruel joke on people

This speech after note ban? – Prasenjit Bose, Hindustan Times,  Jan 01, 2017 Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s assertion that lakhs of crores of cash being deposited to the banks itself marks a success of demonetisation is ridiculous, since deposits are banks’...

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To make India corruption free, catch them to make 2017 Safe!

“The only Indians with vast stashes of unearned, untaxed money are politicians and bureaucrats. Catch them Prime Minister because they are the real crooks.  Most ordinary Indians are honest and very hardworking and  have suffered much in 2016.” Tavleen Singh (in Indian Express January 1, 2017)

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Give peace a chance – Endless fighting in Syria

Editorial ,in the Statesman, Kolkatta,December 31, 2016  (Note: Who created safe heavens for the planting and flourishing of an Islamic State, ISIS, in Iraq and Syria? It was done by the atrocious, abominable invasion and destruction of Iraq and hanging...

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In Germany, Muslim Refugees convert to Christianity

Muslims becoming Christians?  (In the pic: A pastor baptises a Newly converted Muslim refugee – Dec 10, 2016, in Times of India) Church leaders have confirmed an upward trend in conversions. However, they have not provided statistics about these conversions. The entire conversion...

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New York’s Cardinal Dolan to Pray at Trump Inauguration

DISPATCHES – Michael O'Loughlin, Dec 28 2016  in America, the National Catholic Review (In the oic: Banquet Hail. New York Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan and Donald Trump, then the Republicans' nominee for U.S. president, at the 71st annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation...