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Campaign mode keeps communities cowering in fear

Modi’s  3 year rule and Minorities  John Dayal, in – Wednesday May 24 2017 (Note: John Dayal a well known writer and friend of CCV sent  us his views and comments on: Three years of Modi government for the...

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The Indian economy in black and white

What is black money?   John Cheeran in Times of India, May 26, 2017 (Note: All know that Black Money is something that disfigures and destroys the economy of a country like impure blood in a human body. But they know little about ...

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Human shield tragedy, to political farce

Civilians  a shield for  army?  Written by Suvir Kaul, in Indian Express, :May 26, 2017 By supporting Major Gogoi, Captain Amarinder Singh and the army endorse displays of vengefulness. Farooq Ahmad Dar, the Kashmiri who was tied to the jeep as a...

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Pope looks glum after Vatican meeting with Donald Trump

Pope and Trump meet for the better – Stephanie Kirchgaessner, in The Guardian,Thursday 25 May 2017 Encounter considered more successful than their first but was noteworthy for its sombre tone. What is the most pointed present you have given or received?  Pope...

Transgenders take part in the first ever athletics in India in Kerala 0

Kochi Metro is doing it to transgenders! Foot washing is core of Xstianity

  Cover Photo: Transgender athletes take part in a run at the nation's first ever transgender athletics meet in Thiruvananthapuram earlier this year.(PTI)                      dr. james kottoor                                 Preferential treatment given to the poor, abandoned and marginalized  was the thrust...

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​85% Complex explained – The majority complex

85% Complex explained – The majority complex (By Julio Ribeiro) in Indian Express, :May 17, 2017 (Note: “The minority may be forced to reconcile to being second-class citizens. But will the majority enjoy a better life if the rule of law is...