Newsletter on environment and Hypocrites

The picture is a registered plan passed by the then Sole Trustee of St.Michaels Church Mahim Mumbai. As per the layout the flat purchasers shall be given 3 gardens. Based on this plan passed by the Municipal Authorities flats were purchased at rates higher than the then prevailing rates in Mahim and at rates higher than that fixed by the Charity Commissioner.

The Church has now sold two of the gardens on either side of the internal road shown in brown without the consent of the flat purchasers who had paid for the said amenities.

Bishop Bosco Penha was given an award on Womens Day by the Womens Commission of Mumbai for his concern for the environment.The fact remains  that Bishop Bosco Penha the Zonal Bishop is one of the persons responsible for buildings coming up on two of the Recreational Gardens( as shown in the approved municipal plans) in Marinagar and  he is also responsible for reducing the area of the gardens from 3200 meters (25% of marinagar) to 1100 meters(8% of marinagar).The citation  given to him should mention this fact.

The area around the towers has to  be around 12 meters as per Fire Rules but there is a spot in front of Arogya Mata which is less than 9 meters.The complete fence put around the tower is illegal and the fire brigade authorities have asked for the  same to be demolished.The width of the gates to the society is so narrow that the Fire Engines could not enter the building and the fire brigade has said that they are to be demolished and wanted to prosecute the society office bearers for no fault of theirs when there was a fire.

The Church authorities passed a plan in the year 1995 showing the 3 recreational gardens wherein the  entrance of Fatima Building was shown in the West when actually it was in the East.This was done as a garden was shown in the East in front of Fatima Building and if the entrance to the building was shown in its actual position then the garden would have been divided into two parts and  as per the then development control rules the size of the garden could not be less than 500 meters .

Quinny House which was demolished long ago has suddenly got two new occupants the builder and his wife.

FSI has been sold in the year 2008 at the rate of Rs.2000/ per sq foot when the going rate of a flat is Rs.20,000/- a carpet foot and the Charity Commissioners permission has not been obtained.The Church is relying on the permission obtained in  year 1991 knowing fully well that the permission is valid only for 3 years and has not been extended by the Charity Commissioner.

The area in front of the grotto which is the approved car park has suddenly disappeared.

Charity begins at home.

You want others to follow the rules but you yourself want to break the rules.

You sell the gardens and want others to preserve theirs!

I had written a number of e mails to Fr. Allwyn D'Silva when he headed the justice and peace cell , he did not reply to any.

What does the law state

Amenities once promises to flat purchasers cannot be taken away. Gardens cannot be taken away.
Conveyance cannot be delayed till eternity.
Stop Preaching and Start Practising.
If Fr. Allwyn or any person who claims to be a catholic and wants to see further documentary evident of how tenants who were rehoused once are being fraudulently shown as yet to be rehoused in order to get more FSI , I am ready to show him.

We, have to pray for all those persons who sold Marinagar gardens fraudulently since they need those prayers the most.

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