Fundamentalists, Fanatics and Terrorists of Catholic Church

Jose Paul, Delhi

Who are religious fundamentalists?

Jose PaulIn every community and society and in every religion there could be a few people who are religious fundamentalists. There are two types of religious fundamentalists in every religion. All religions have these two types of fundamentalists. If we analyze the religions of the world, all religions are teaching the message of love. One type of fundamentalists is people who understand and believe the message of love from their own religion. These people are a blessing for their own religion and for humanity. Unfortunately these kinds of people are rare in any society. The other type of fundamentalists are those people who do not recognize any negative side in their own religion and believe that theirs is the only religion which is superior to all forms of religion. They have a false pride about their religion. They are usually contemptuous of all other religions. These kinds of people are not many in number. But they are usually trouble makers of the society in the name of religion. They usually claim to be coming from the best of culture and heritage and that nobody can be above them in these areas. All the other people and religions are considered to be of lower status than them. But they are capable of creating unrest in any society.

Who are religious fanatics?

Among these fundamentalists a few of them are religious fanatics. Among the two types of fundamentalists, there are a few who are religious fanatics. These religious fanatics from both the types believe that theirs is the only way of salvation. Out of these fanatic thoughts and beliefs they hold, they want everyone else to follow their path. These fanatics hate all other forms of religions except that which they cling on to. They will try all possible ways of influencing other people, whose faith is different, to become a part of their religion. They are the ones who sow seeds of division and tear the fabric of the society’s unity and loving relationships. These fanatics are a curse to the society. They do not recognize the intellectual ability and the freedom of the people to believe which ever religion they want to believe in and remain a part thereof. They try to dictate their beliefs on others.

Who are religious terrorists?

A few of these fanatics, in order to achieve their objective of subjugating others to their religious faith, start using force of different types. Now, these fanatics have become terrorists. Different groups of these fanatics use different forms of force. Some use social or emotional pressure as a force to make people follow their path. These people use social boycott of people who do not follow them. Sometime they use emotional pressure by making them feel inferior to others if they don’t follow their orders. Some use physical torture like kidnapping, physical threatening to kill and sometimes actually kill, using bombs, mines and other methods. Whether any of these groups use social pressure, emotional pressure, financial pressure or physical torture, they are actually terrorists.


We have heard of Islamic terrorists. In reality, Islam is religion which preaches peace, love and brotherhood. But a miniscule of them who are fanatics and terrorists use terror as an instrument for propagating their religion and expressing their hate to other religious people. They want to convert other people to their religion by force. These few people are a curse to their religion.


We hear of Hindu terrorists. Hindu religion is such a generous religion which welcomes all forms of faith as welcome guests and spread love and prosperity for all. Here also we find some people who are fundamentalist, fanatics and even terrorists using all forms of force such as social, emotional and physical including bombs.


This is a religion of supreme love. Among the Christian, especially among Catholics, are there fundamentalists? Are there fanatics? Are there terrorists? Sure, we have a great number of deadly fundamentalists. It is a religion which believes that all human beings are created by God as His children and considered everyone as equal partners in catholic community. But there are groups of people who believe that they have better culture and heredity. There are groups of people believing to the extent that they have pure blood and they don’t want to mix their blood with other human beings. They consider that all other people are inferior to them. This kind of belief is propagated by the hierarchy of certain section of the Church. Some of the priests and bishops of the community are actively using social and emotional force by throwing away many members of the church from their group and call them people without any pride in their culture and heritage. They call the faithful who do not obey their commands as lower caste and outcaste them from their near and dear ones. Their fundamental freedom to choose their way of life is denied by these people. Are these fanatic people terrorists? You take your own decision. Unfortunately, we have them not among the lay Catholics, but among the hierarchies of Catholic Church. These terrorists are working hard to divide the Church and not against other religions.  It appears that the real Catholic lay people in this country have to isolate these terrorists from our life. Don’t worry about Jesus. None of these terrorists can touch his life. But we will have to save our own life from these terrorists.


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