France’s Leap in the dark – Sudden rise of mysterious Monsieur Macron

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Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 8.08.43 amBy Patrick Marnham, in The Tablet, UK, 04 May 2017

(Note: Tomorrow is the D-day for France and the Soothsayers have the field day to predict. But what is it for those who see it from an other worldly, eternal angle where there is nothing called ‘accidents’ but only ‘providential happenings’?

If providential, we – ‘know-nothings’ — have only one thing to say: That Being called God writes straight with crooked lines! Looking up we puny creatures can see only as a contest – between a woman who killed her father and a man who has married his mother”.  Everything that happened, happens and will happen is for the good, if we have to believe what Gita says. james kottoor, editor)
A leading commentator on French affairs reflects on the sudden and astonishing rise of the mysterious Monsieur Macron

Whoever wins the second round of the presidential election tomorrow, France will be taking a leap in the dark. Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front, expelled her father from the party he founded, while Emmanuel Macron married his school teacher (who is 24 years older than he is): one sardonic voter describes the situation as “a Freudian contest – between a woman who killed her father and a man who has married his mother”.
For her opponents, the election of Marine Le Pen is seen as a disaster for the republic and its fundamental values, and political leaders from both Left and Right have been calling for a united movement to ensure that she loses. But Emmanuel Macron, the centrist candidate of En marche! (“Let’s Go!”), represents almost as great a gamble. 



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