Follow Jesus’ Model: ‘Speaking from housetops!’ Controversial nun’s auto – biography to bare it all!

December 2, 2019, by Matters India Reporter “I have spoken to you from the house tops!”(Palam locutus sum) was the example set for us by Jesus, who alone is expected to be our role-model!. Transparency in what he said and did was his rule.

Don’t be Judgmental

We have to give credit to both Sr.Lucy and those who react to her and try to learn from what they say with out being judgmental. This learning process should be continued by listening to many more till we are satisfied and act according to what each one’s conscience dictates, leaving the final judgment to: the unseen, unknowable Truth Eternal, Love Eternal and Light Eternal. 

Imitate Jesus!

So let us continue until each one of us are satisfied and try our best peacefully and lovingly, as in a close-knit human family, where disagreements are easily resolved in an agreeable way for peace, joy and healthy growth supporting each other where we can!  james kottoor editor, ccv.

Read below the report in Matters India

Kottayam, Dec 1, 2019: Sister Lucy Kalappura, who was expelled from the Franciscan Clarist Congregation, has written her autobiography that recounts sexual abuses and aberrations prevalent in convents.

Sister Kalappura, who has appealed to the Vatican for reconsider her expulsion, is among a few nuns who stood up against the alleged sexual atrocities of rape-accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal of Jalandhar.

The congregation reported acted against her after she took part in a protest in September last year seeking Bishop Mulakkal’s arrest.Sister Kalappura’s book, with 36 chapters, will be out in the first week of December.

The instances of sexual abuse by priests Sister Kalappura recounts in the book are similar to incidents narrated in the autobiography of Sister Jesme, a former nun, titled, ‘Amen: An autobiography of a nun.’

The book talks about consensual sexual relationships between priests and nuns in convents, and misuse of positions by priests and bishops to sexually abuse the nuns. Sister Lucy further writes that there are also cases where young nuns are subjected to homosexuality in convents by senior nuns,

The nun narrates her life experiences and talks about sexual abuse and harassment of nuns in the book titled ‘Karthaavinte Naamathil (In The Name of The Lord)’.

According to the reports, the book reveals how Sister Lucy was a silent witness to many incidents where nuns have tried to give expression to their sexual desires. In the book, Sister Kalappura reveals that many nuns have ‘unholy’ relationships with priests who are in authority and added that the priests encourage such relationships.

She writes that she has heard of instances where priests have sexual relationships with nuns.The book also narrates how priests try to abuse nuns and young girls. Narrating an incident, she said once she had asked a friend’s daughter to approach a priest to clear a few doubts with regard to her studies.

However, the priest had allegedly indulged in sexual harassment with the girl on the pretext of helping the young girl. The girl was shocked by the priest’s conversation and complained to her mother. The priest was forced to apologize for his behavior, Sister Kalappura writes in her book.

She further writes in her book stating that one of her fellow nuns told her that a priest abused her inside a church. Sister Kalappura writes about the abuse young nuns face from priests and elder nuns. Further, she claims that homosexuality is rampant among nuns and priests.

Fighting the mental dilemma, nun victims have to silently carry these crosses within the four walls of their convents. They are also constantly stalked by so-called ‘counselors’ who exploit their predicament, she adds.

In narrating another incident, she says, “There used to be a priest who taught at a college and resided near a convent. He used to have a room for himself at the convent. The priest, who used to conduct counseling on safe sexual practices, did not restrict himself to mere counseling as far as the nuns were concerned. Fed up with his “practical” sessions, one of the nuns complained to her friend. But he too was helpless. The torture ended only when he retired and left the place.”

“The experiences I know of, that some of my sisters have been through, are horrendous. I am aware of some convents, where young novice nuns are sent to priests for their ‘pleasure’ as a matter of practice. They were made to pose nude for the priests for hours. They wouldn’t be permitted to leave even when they plead,” writes the nun in the book.

Bishop Mulakkal was accused of raping a 44-year-old nun in a convent in Kuravilangad in May 2014 and subsequent sexual exploitations afterward. The nun had registered a complaint on June 27, 2018, and has also claimed that despite her complaints, the Church took no action on the bishop.

Few  Reactions:

Blaise Costabir

The book is not important, what is is important is the fact that Sister Kalapurra is forced to try this avenue as a means to seek and get justice. The fact that the Bishop abused her even if consensal is not the point. The point is anyone in authority cannot get away with misuse, he should have had more brians than to hid behind "consesual". The church hierachy should have immediatly asked him to stay down till all investigatons were over. Unfortunately there was no such move and that is the sad part, with what face will be champion womens causes going forward?

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Sebastian Sakaria

In Hindu temples, a Devadasi was a woman who was dedicated to worship and serve a deity for the rest of her life. In addition to taking care of the temple and performing rituals, Devadasis also learned and practiced classical Indian artistic traditions such as Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, and Odissi dances.

Their social status was high as dance and music were an essential part of temple worship. They sometimes had children with high officials or the priests who instructed them in music and dancing. Well known people from the Devadasi community include Bharat Ratna recipient M S Subbalakshmi and Padma Vibhushan recipient Balasaraswathi.
Dedicating girls as 'Joginis' is a practice in the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Almost all 'Joginis' are Dalits and the lower castes. After her dedication, a 'Jogini' is given to a village elder – a priest, landowner, or other wealthy man – to be used by them once they reach puberty. When the elder tires of them, 'Joginis' become the 'property' of the village, to be used by any man, anytime, anywhere. They are everybody’s woman, and nobody’s wife.
In 2015 the Jogini Commission estimated that there are 80,000 'Joginis. There are 45,000 Devadasis and 50,000 Catholic nuns in India today.

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Kalappurakal CheriyaLukose Thomas

Devdasi system had the religious sanction. So it was there. Why Sebastian believes that there is something wrong in consensual sex. Why wrong when nun is there ? Why wrong when Sebastian considers it so ? Let us use approved scales to measure. Sitting in A C room ,eating nice food and enjoying good health, some write something’s slushy. Some want to malign others just they find others faces are ugly or live simple life write some funny stories about How they have sex. We are not responsible for all these. Matters India too.

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Joseph Lobo

If the book recalls a factual narration of incidents, then it will be a shame on Christians in India &the world in large.It will expose the rampant perverts in the church. It will give a milage to people to concoct stories.Convents will be devil's gardens &paradise lost.

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Kalappurakal CheriyaLukose Thomas

There are books wherein it is alleged that Jesus Christ had affair with Mary Magdalene. In another place it is stated that Jesus was gay. Are we to answer such blasphemy ? One who knows language can write anything, Lucy not excluded. Sex is enjoyable and many may succumb to temptations. Apart from its immorality in certain cases, wherever there is illegality, let the guilty be punished, Why should we try to find pleasure in others’ immorality.

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