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After my fast, BJP offered me crores to contest Manipur polls

(Published   in Deccan Chronicle, Feb 13, 2017 – pic: 44-year-old rights activist Irom Sharmila (Photo: AP)  Irom Sharmila claims –  Manipur will vote for 60 assembly constituencies which is to be held in two phases (Note: Sharmila richly deserved the title...

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New report exposes India’s mistreatment of minorities

 Religious/ethnic mistreatment, India – Ritu Sharma, in Matters India, India. February 13, 2017 It elaborates on how laws discriminate against Christians and Muslims. (In the pic: Indian Catholics celebrate Christmas Mass at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Allahabad late on Dec. 24, 2016. Last year...

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Cockfight: Sasikala vs Panneerselvam!

Kuldip Nayar, in the Statesman, Kolkotta,February 9, 2017 (Note: The cock-fight in Chennai now is between Panneerselvam and Sasikala, the latter a bête noire in public eye and the other, a man approved or “an affable man” due to his...

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Sasikala politics – Backroom to the front-stage

Editorial in the Hindu, FEBRUARY 07, 2017  (Note: An orchestrated drama is being enacted  to fool the public that Sasikala’s rise to CM’s post is through due process. It is very doubtful that a person who never won an election...

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UAE military takes part in Republic Day parade

68th Republic Day in India – IANS | New Delhi January 26, 2017 | 11:10 AM The UAE Army contingent (Photo: AFP)          (Note: Just to be in touch with the 68th Republic Parade visually. Editor) A 149-member UAE military contingent took...

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Gandhi grandson slams Modi on Khadi calendar row

In SouthLive (, January 14, 2017 ‘Charkha in hands and Nathuram in heart, no sin in calling a joker a joker;’ Gandhi’s great-grandson slams Modi over Khadi calendar row – Thushar Gandhi and Gandhi calendar (Note: Aren’t we living in very,...

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Politics is becoming a bad boys club, a dangal of dabang talk

Bad boys club on political horizon?   By Sagarika Ghose in Times of India,  January 15, 2017 (Note: Frankly speaking journalists and TV anchors are fast disappearing from the landscape of Modiji’s India. Sagarika, Rajdeep, Arnab were most popular on primetime English Indian...

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Demonetisation unplanned both RBI, government clueless

  Robert Vadra lashes out – | Posted by Kritika Banerjee The businessman, who is married to Priyanka Gandhi, took to Facebook to lash out at the government for "its experiment" on people Robert Vadra, son-in-law of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, today...

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One man one party show in India?

Will politics shrink in 2017? By Rajdeep Sardesai, in 'Breaking Views', 06 Jan, 2017 (Note: Rajdeep Sardesai as usual raises some sharp pointed questions, the outstanding being: Will our politics shrink into a one man, one party show? It could and if...

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Five states go to polls

From February 4 to March 8, results  on March 11 – DECCAN CHRONICLE Published Jan 4, 2017 Punjab, Goa on February 4, Uttarakhand Feb 15, UP February 11, 15, 19, 23, 27, March 4, 8; Manipur March 4, 8. (In the...

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PM must be made to pay for a cruel joke on people

This speech after note ban? – Prasenjit Bose, Hindustan Times,  Jan 01, 2017 Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s assertion that lakhs of crores of cash being deposited to the banks itself marks a success of demonetisation is ridiculous, since deposits are banks’...

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To make India corruption free, catch them to make 2017 Safe!

“The only Indians with vast stashes of unearned, untaxed money are politicians and bureaucrats. Catch them Prime Minister because they are the real crooks.  Most ordinary Indians are honest and very hardworking and  have suffered much in 2016.” Tavleen Singh (in Indian Express January 1, 2017)