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To make India corruption free, catch them to make 2017 Safe!

“The only Indians with vast stashes of unearned, untaxed money are politicians and bureaucrats. Catch them Prime Minister because they are the real crooks.  Most ordinary Indians are honest and very hardworking and  have suffered much in 2016.” Tavleen Singh (in Indian Express January 1, 2017)

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Adversity bought out the best in Jayalalithaa

Jayalalithaa, 1948-2016 – December 07, 2016,  in the Hindu (Note: The moral of this article is that success and defeat are part and parcel of human life, but final triumph is only for the one who courageously confronts defeats as challenges...

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Chidambaram: seizure of notes is ‘biggest scam’

New notes in hoard’s hands? – Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram He also questioned the seizure of Rs 2,000 notes in a Delhi lawyer's chamber. (Note: If hoarders and black marketers can get new notes in lacks and crores, who are...

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Rs.7.92 lakh in new notes seized in Gurugram

IANS | Gurugram,  December 13, 2016, in the Statesman Kolkatta (Note: The complaint we have been hearing so far has been that new currency in high or low denominations were not available through proper channels like banks and ATMs. Then comes this...

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Cashless or clueless?

Express News Service  |   Published: 11th December 2016 Bank employees train Finance Ministry staff on mobile banking and cashless transactions in New Delhi on Tuesday | PTI (Note: “A very good idea very badly implemented, hurting the poor, the most” is the...

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Abandoned House – Cardiac arrest of democracy?

Editorial | Published:December 9, 2016 in Indian Express Government, Opposition must heed President Mukherjee’s rebuke, L.K. Advani’s lament. (Arresting and hanging the deadly cancer of Black money is most commendable. Demonetization evidently is an effective tool of heart surgery. Modi and his...

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Modi beats Trump, Putin to Top TIME Person of the Year poll

PTI | New York, December 5, 2016, in the Statesman, Kolkatta  (Note: Our honourable Prime Miniser Modiji has added another feather to his crown among world leaders. He has won the contest for the “TIME Person of the Year 2016,” by beating hollow Trump,...

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‘Black money generation is continuous’

Anjul Tomar,  in the  Kokatta Statessman,  December 3, 2016 (Note: Magicians endear themselves to unthinking crowd by pulling out a rabbit from the hat. What we need, especially what a democracy needs, is not a credulous crowd, but a critical...

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Mamata and Demonetisation – Oppose, expose, depose

Gyan Ranjan Saha, in The Statesman, Kolkatta, December 1, 2016 (Note: Parliament is the heart of democracy. As long as it is not allowed to function, cardiac arrest would be the end result. We have a federal system of government and...

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Antediluvian Currency – Editorial in the Statesman,

(Kolkotta, November 28, 2016) The Communist Party of India (Marxist) has taken recourse to an antediluvian currency to buttress its opposition to demonetisation. A 12-hour Bangla bandh has been called on Monday (28 November), a move that has been stoutly resisted...

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Ban Bandhs!

Parties have a right to Protest but bandhs will only pile  misery for the common man –  November 29, 2016, Times of India, Editorial  (Note: Kerala has become the last remnant of communism in the world. It will also be the...