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Organized religions out!  Let in rational humanism?

Speak up, what do you say?      –     dr.james kottoor (Chicago)      Rationalism alone has the substance of permanence, we believe. Hence the adage: “truth is mighty and will prevail.” But what is it that rules the...


Cows, milk and India

Our country is projected to become world's biggest cow milk producer by 2026 (Note: According to OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2017-2026 report India's cow milk production will see a jump of 60 million tonnes in the next decade, with cows to...


The Poor go Poorer – MPLAD Funds Part 2 (Final)

Further to the 18th July 2017 article on “How Our MPs spend their Rs 5 Crore-a-Year MPLAD Funds”, given below is a list of projects which can be funded through MPLAD Scheme.  This is a sector-wise list of illustrative works...