Cardinal’s Cardinal Sin – 3 Reactions Worth Reflection

Church or Mammon of Iniquity Worshp?

Click here for full article – Cardinal Calls it Cardinal Sin!

From: Joseph Mattam sj, May 15/5/15

Dear James,

As usual, an excellent piece and much needed; I too saw some extravagant churches all over; they spend crores now for a church. In your article, perhaps you could also have mentioned that many people, for whom Jesus cared, have no roof over their heads; it is more urgent to build houses for the people than expensive churches for God. Glad you continue writing. Keep going. God bless, Joe


From: Denis Daniel ,

Denis Daniel, May 16th 2015, Heartiest congratulations!

Dear Dr. Kottoor,

I have just read Asia's largest church: A Cardinal Sin. All your writings have been brilliant. At 78 when physically I feel quite incapable the only possibility remains that I employ somebody to read to me all that flows out of your pen. I have been reading your writings when I was around 28 years of age. The freshness is still there, in fact with greater depth and inspirational qualities. You are doing immense good to an ordinary reader like me. Thanks! Denis Daniel.


Jose Kallidukil, May, 22/15

Dear James Chettan,

It is an excellent article with exact facts and information.  I still have doubts about the honesty of Cardinal Alencherry.  However his open criticism against such wasteful extravaganza will certainly make our Priests and parishioners rethink before venturing into similar architectural adventures.
Look at the Guruvayur and Sabirimala temples. Both are among the richest temples in India attracting many lakhs of devotees each year from all over India and even abroad.  In spite of that the original structure of those centuries old temples remain same.  They don't attempt any expensive remodeling or renovations, but just maintain its old glory.  Hope our Catholic Bishops and Priests will learn something from their Hindu counterparts.  Jose, Chicago,USA

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